How to Create a Folder in iPhone

How to create a folder in Iphone


  • First you all need is to have your selected apps to which you want to put in a folder and It is necessary to have atleast two apps to make a folder. This is upto you whatever two apps you want to choose to put in a single folder.
  • A very simple step for two apps is just tap and hold a app on the screen until all the other apps start shaking over the screen.
  • After this,what we need to do is the fisrt app that we have already hold on the screen to put or drag over the other selected app until they both seems to be merged and then take your finger off from the screen.

Here your mission of creating folder over your Iphone has been completed.

Editing and creating the name of the folder:

Another feature while creating folder is that we can edit or create the name of the folder according to us by tap on the default folder name and changing its name using keyboard.


How to save the created folder:

All you need now is to save your creations or changes by just pressing the home button on the front center screen of the iphone.

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Adding & Editing the folder’s app:

Their is something more for you that if you want to add more apps to the same folder,then this is also possible,even you can edit the already created folder too.

Below is the explanation that how you are going to do these two simple things:

  • Adding a app in aready created folder: If you want to add more apps then its too easy to do that,you just have to tap and drag the app over that folder and click the home button so that your changes would be saved.
  • Editing a app in folder: If you want to remove or edit any app from the folder then you have to tap and hold the folder until it begins to move and again tap until the contents on the folder take the full screen. Now you can drag the app by taping it out from the folder.

Now again you  have to click over the home button to save your changes.



To delete a created folder,you just have to drag all the app out one by one from the folder and then the folder will automatically disappear.

Then again you have to press home button to save your changes.

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Adding folders to the Iphone Dock:

Before movimg towards explaining about adding folders to the iphone dock first I want to explain you all about “Dock”.

What is dock?

You all have seen the already given four at the bottom on the main screen of your iphone,that’s the thing to which I am calling “dock”. Dock is those four apps across the bottom of the screen of your iphone.

Now we can move further and tell you all about  how we add folders to the dock of the iphone,its too easy like anything.

You just have to move one of any apps from the dock by dragging towards the empty space all over the home screen and then drag that folder at that empty space in the dock.

Here you have done all about creating,adding,editing and deleting the folder in the iphone.


Some Exceptionals and Reminders:


If you have iphone 6S series then it is little bit changes to create a folder in it.

As it contain 3D touches that act differently by different touches from our normal series of iphone.

So, Every step is same as above while creating a folder but you should be conscious in step-2 that a little or light tap and hold is all enough to put a app from one place to another or in a folder. This is the only precaution that you have to take while handling the 6S series of Iphone.

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Remember that IOS 6 and earlier could contain upto only 12 apps in a single folder and 20 apps on the IPAD.

In IOS 7 and later,that number is virtually unlimited.


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