How to Make Normal Video into Slow Motion Video On the iPhone/iPad

Adding cool effects to videos can really make them exciting. You may need to do that to enhance or make a video interesting. With YouTube being so popular and every other app based on videos, it’s essential that you know how to edit and restyle your video clips. At one time, you needed a complex computer software to change the speed of your videos.

   How to Make Normal Video into Slow Motion Video On the iPhone/iPad

Then the apps came and ruled the world, enabling you to edit your videos on your phone. Now you can easily change the speed of your videos on your iPhone or iPad as well! Amazing, isn’t it? You may be thinking that it would be complicated to do so, well, surprisingly it isn’t. You can change the speed of your videos according to your needs, by using some easy apps. Here we present the basic apps that you can easily download to convert your normal video into slow motion.

List of Best Apps to Watch Normal video in Slow Motion

Slow motion camera extreme

Use this app to either record everything in slow motion or simply uploading your prerecorded videos to the app and then editing it. You can set the slo-mo interval as you prefer, change the speed as you need and even zoom in and out of the picture frame.


Another great app that you can use to slow down your movies is the SlowCam. It has different scales and allows you to change the speed by altering the frame rate. You can also set the focus and adjust the exposure rate according to your liking. This means you can edit your videos as you need easily.

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This app allows you to record at the lowest frame rate possible. Edit your videos with this app and get 720p or 1080p slo-mo videos fast. It also has a time lapse, microphone and manual camera modes that help you edit your videos effectively.


You can make slow to fast motion videos. Also, benefit from a number of amazing features of this app that includes ghosting, optical flow, exposure, and sharing. It’s great to be able to edit your videos according to your needs and slopro allows you to do that easily.

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All these apps are great ways to convert your normal video into a slow motion one. Using them is extremely easy as well. All you have to do is download the app, open the specific video and make your adjustments. Editing the speed of your videos has never been easier. These apps will help you make your normal videos slow whenever you want, so, why the wait? Get them today and edit your videos as you please!


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