Best Anonymous Chatting apps for iPhone

Nobody likes sitting home alone. Where some people may argue that it’s best to utilize the free time in connecting with your friends and family, there are times that you just want to make new friends. Anyone would want to chat and hang out with a complete stranger just to be able to explore new possibilities. However, you may not always want to reveal your true identity. To help you on these quests of finding new people to talk to, here are 5 anonymous chatting apps for iPhone that you need to get to broaden your social circle.

Best-Anonymous -Chatting-apps-for-iPhone
                   Best Anonymous Chatting apps for iPhone

List of Best Anonymous Chatting apps for iPhone


This anonymous chat app allows you to share your ideas and speak your mind anonymously. Are you afraid of voicing your thoughts in the open? You can use the kandid app to post your ideas anonymously and chat with people with different avatars. You can also tag your friends in an event or a picture anonymously to make them see the post also. The app is great to go to for those people who want to keep themselves anonymous while putting their voice out there.

Dark chat

This chat app gives you an anonymous cover and allows you to chat with those around you. Nobody will ever know it’s you. Send anonymous messages to those around you or use emoji. The great thing is that if you end up liking a stranger you can use a candle to see who is who. This helps you build long-term relationships, extending your social circle even further.

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Pure online dating app

If you want to look up new people to date, but still stay out of trouble, this is the app for you. Pure allows you to get to know different people around you without actually showing who you really are. Once you build a stronger connection, you can reveal your identity or get to know each other better. This way your dating game stays strong but safe.

Chat rooms with strangers

This is a fun app to start up a great chat with a stranger. It matches your profile up with someone else completely randomly giving you a fresh start with a new person. You can start a chat with this person anonymously or skip on to the next search if you like. The app prohibits pornography and any inappropriate users are banned immediately.

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If you are up to for talking to a great many strangers at the same time, you should consider downloading room. The app allows you to keep your identity private while you visit rooms full of people where you can share your experiences, life, hobbies or any other thing you like. You can move through different rooms and express your opinion also. This app can be a great stress reliever and an interesting way to let all those inner secrets out, safely.

We all know that the same routine can get us cooped up. At times, having a stranger listen to your troubles or even having them chat with you, can put your life into perspective. Not everyone is ready to expose their identity to strangers. This is where these apps come in. You can use these apps confidently to share all our inner thought that you fail to voice yourself. It will definitely help lighten your heart up a bit and give you a better motive in life.


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