How to get anyone’s Password for Photo Vault on iPhone/iPad

How to get anyone’s Password for Photo Vault on iPhone/iPad

How to get anyone’s Password for Photo Vault on iPhone/iPad

Many of us have lots of pictures on our phones. However, sometimes we lose the phones, drop them or they get stolen. In these cases, all our private information is likely to be leaked, and nobody would want that! To overcome this problem, developers developed the photo vault for iPhone and iPad that allowed users to keep their personal pictures password protected at all time. They couldn’t be accessed even by accessing the main folders. However, you may want to see the pics of your friends or family members just for the fun of it. How then will you bypass the password? Don’t worry! We have your back. Here is an easy way that you can use to find the password of anyone’s photo vault, easily! To do that there are certain steps. Here we describe the whole process, one by one for your convenience.

Step 1

Download the iFun box app on your computer. This a file managing app to which you can hook your iPhone or iPad. Once you connect your device to the computer, it will show all the apps and files on your device. Unlike the iTunes, it lets you explore your apple device more freely. However, this is the start, you won’t be directly able to see the hidden photos as they are protected.


Step 2

Connect your device to the computer. The iFun box app will recognize your device and will prompt you to open it. Open your device with this app.

Step 3

Find the ‘manage your apps’ tab on the top and press it. This will display all the apps on your phone.

Step 4

The apps will be displayed under two headings, the ‘iTunes file sharing’ and ‘all my apps’. You need to scroll to the ‘all my apps’ heading and select the photo vault icon there. Open the app on your computer. It will display all the files in order. However, the photos you are looking for won’t be present here, so there is no point looking for them.

Step 5

What you need to do is open the ‘library’ folder and open the ‘preferences folder from there. This will take you to a folder containing some files with weird names.

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Step 6

Copy the file with the word ‘cloud’ in its name to your desktop. Now most of your hard work is done. All you need to do is open the file on your desktop. There will be a lot of code words, but don’t worry. The password of the vault will be written in numbers or words along the 4th or 5th line, after the code: ‘key’.

You can then use this password to open the photo vault on the phone. Whether it’s your phone or somebody else’s, the usual photo vault or the pro one, this method works with all of them. So, if you gave forgotten your own password or wish to break into the vault of someone else’s phone, you can use this method easily to find the passcode. The method is easy, it’s fast and it doesn’t even require jailbreak. I guess, those pics weren’t that safe after all!

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  1. When I click on the photo vault app under “all my apps” it gives me three choices: 1. open sandbox, 2. extract IPA, 3. uninstall.
    If I select open sandbox it will open the app as you describe but has no files listed in it – in the menu to the left it only has “photo vault pro” and double clicking doesn’t reveal anything. The menu in the right is completely empty. Any thoughts? I have the newest itunes and this is funbox v3

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