Top 6 Nature & Wildlife Mobile Apps


Today’s chaotic and hectic lifestyle does not give room for people to frequently explore nature the way they’d have love to, mainly due to human encroachment on the natural habitat of plants and animal that has driven them further away from us. The occasional, expensive summer holidays which requires individuals to travel to distant places just to enjoy nature and wildlife may not be sufficient. Therefore it has become imperative that you and the kids find ways to supplement such experiences and to appreciate the beauty of nature by getting accustomed to a broad range of plants and animals. The good news is that smartphone devices via the use of several powerful apps have become an outlet for us to enjoy nature and wildlife in an extraordinary way. This post examines top six nature and wildlife mobile apps that can enhance this profound experience!

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This app links you to an online community of naturalists with whom you can consult on matters relating to your favorite plants and animals. All you need to do is to enable your location and upload the photo of the plant and animals you are interested in, and members of the forum will write comments or favorite it. It also allows you to record observations with GPS locations and photos while being able to keep track of updates from those you are following from all over the world.


iBird plus is an excellent app for bird enthusiast and comes with many desirable features that are not limited to the following:

  • It helps you identify numerous bird species in North America
  • Contains a database of over 900 bird species
  • You can search for birds based on their color, shape, location, or other attributes
  • It maintains a comprehensive list of bird songs, hand-drawn illustrations, and a high-quality photograph of many birds.
  • It also contains rare details of egg color, nest information, diet, vocalization definition, etc.

This app is available on Apple Store for about $14.99 and is worth every cent you pay for it.



The North Face is a free, trail-finding app solely designed for iPhone, with plenty of features that help users find the best routes and paths for hiking, skiing, and fly-fishing and to share them with others who do not want to lose their way when headed for the wild. Users can search for activity type, and proximity, based on location using GPS or ZIP code, distance, and user rating.

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Leafsnap is an app that is supported on iOs devices and provides a complete guide to plants in North America. It offers you the option of doing your search through the directory manually by using several plants attributes such as fruits, leaf shape, etc. Also included is a text description of bloom times and habitat. This app is free on the Apple Store and is worth giving a trial.


Florafolio is an interactive app for lovers of nature to know more about a wide array of native trees, ferns, vines, shrubs and grasses indigenous to some part of North America. It is an incredible source of information for those looking for plant species in the wild.


This application helps users find the nearest forest, parks, and nature centers and also let them know about local events that the places are hosting. Those living in urban areas with little interaction with nature will surely find this app useful.


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