Four Best Pedometer Application for Iphone


Health and fitness experts often promote walking as a perfect substitute to jogging, since not all individuals who want to keep fit can withstand the stress that running imposes on the heart. The Pedometer is an instrument for measuring steps and allows users to keep track of other useful data such as stairs, miles; calories burned, etc. Even though your iPhone 5S or newer versions comes with their in-built pedometer (Health app) they lack some of the functionality of real activity trackers. For example, it might not tell you the number of calories you’ve burned from your steps, thereby making it imperative that you get a third party application that can replicate a real Pedometer. The post below examines four best pedometer apps for iphone.

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Stepz is a free iPhone pedometer app that helps users measure many basics of a real activity tracker such as distance, step counts, calories burned, active time and floors climbed. The app syncs seamlessly with the inbuilt Health app of your iphone in a way that gives you an amazing experience. The default step goal is 10,000 just like other pedometers and is customizable to fit your lifestyle and routine. It needs no GPS to work, doesn’t drain your phone’s battery and shows you the floors you have climbed. Furthermore, its stored data is secure on your phone, and it supports export/import from a CSV file.


This app serves more than being just a pedometer and provides other useful feature that helps the user keep fit. It can be made to do virtually everything relating to fitness such as heart rate, workouts, food, walks hikes, and runs among several others. The app stimulates competition by making it possible for users to compare their data with family members and friends. It can be synced across all devices if one has an account with Fitbit.


Runkeeper is an app that works well with other useful applications in a way that gives you a profund experience. It calculates burnt calories, route, cycling, speed, elevation, running pace, etc. It allows you to monitor the calories you burn during workout exercises such as yoga. Beginners and those running for weight loss can learn with this app, while those preparing for Marathon races will also find it useful. With it, you can set fitness goals, track them and even share your progress and results with a group.

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The Wokamon app incorporates a game in which a virtual pet feeds off your energy as a means of motivating you to reach your set goals of say 10,000 steps daily. The app is a pedometer slash game that compels you to walk because your steps become energy which feeds, clothes and helps grow your Wokamon. It syncs easily with Apple Health and other applications such as Jawbones and Fitbits.  The app as an activity tracker is limited because a cursory look on the screen where the Wokamon lives shows only your steps and doesn’t give you calories burnt, distance traveled, stairs climbed. You’d have to delve in further to get these data from the app.


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