The Best Iphone Apps to Help with your Taxes

      The Best Iphone Apps to Help with your Taxes


The income tax is hard to understand and lot people tend to procrastinate. In order to make life easy for everybody, some smart dude developed applications that enable you to file your taxes using your iPhone. Many of these apps integrate several features that make life easy for you such as e-filing apps, tax calculators, and tools for checking up on your refund checks. Here’s a list of best iphone apps to help with your tax preparation.

List of Best Iphone Apps to Help with your Taxes


Turbotax is a free app that directs or guides the user all through the process of e-filling their taxes in a user-friendly way. Users have the option of entering information manually or taking a snapshot of the W2 form so that the app can do the transcription for them. Users may pay a fee for e-filling depending on how complicated their tax situation. The premium version of this fantastic app has many useful features.

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Mint is one of the most popular and trusted app for filing tax returns and has over 10 million users. It is helpful in tracking finances, withdrawals, purchases and creates a custom budget that is dependent on your spending. The combination of Mint and Turbotax can make the filing of your tax a simple task (no pun intended)! The app can help you monitor every little deduction with tools such as automatic spending categorization and tax deduction tagging.


You can find this application useful when you want to track items donated to charity and their market value. It is vital you include pictures of your donation and add it to the document. This app was created with all relevant tax laws and tax preparation issues taken into account.


This app is H&R’s  mobile tax solution that seeks to help a broad range of users, from first timers to those with complex tax issues. It adopts a step-by-step approach to the preparation of Fed tax returns while users can scan and import their W2. They can also make contact with H&R support team and get an estimate of their refund and e-file their returns as well.

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MILEIQ is a mileage tracker that makes it easy for users to record tax-deductible business travels. It does this by detecting their drives automatically, or they can create custom drive, log parking details and tolls, vehicle category and export the drive logs to FreshBooks, CSV, PDF or Concur. The free version of this app allows you to log 40 trips in a month while the premium subscription takes off the limit.


It is a receipt organizer that helps you keep track of those irritating papers and allows you to save every IRS accepted image of all receipt. You can export the receipt to any tax program, and store up to 5 documents in a free account, while more storage will attract a fee of $10.


With a scanner, the Evernote app can record and organize investment files, pay stubs, bank statements, and mortgage documents. It possesses an excellent search feature that works on scanned pictures and makes finding documents easy as well.

Hope above list will help you in planning of your accounts, subsidy & taxes.


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