Solutions on How to download Torrent on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Torrent is used by BitTorrent clients. It is a very popular file extension for BitTorrent file format.  It is composed of text and it also points out tracker for download to start from the seeder or distributor and the leacher, which is also referred to as the requesting client.

It is equally considered a content distributor protocol and it enables highly efficient distribution of software as well as peer-to-peer sharing of large files, like TV shows and movies.  It does this by simply allowing end users to act as network distribution points.

  Solutions on How to download Torrent on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Some have described torrent protocol as a swarming, scatter and gather kind of file transfer protocol. Torrent removes the need to send a file to all the customers interested in such a file one after the other.  Instead, the requested file is sent to just one of those requesting for it and the original requester will share the files with every other person interested in it.

Considering the way torrent protocol works, there is no need for very large server, since the files to be downloaded can be shared from one person to another. Torrent protocol makes file download much easier than ever. You can use either BitTorrent Sync or uTorrent. Both work perfectly for the same purpose.

When uTorrent first became available, its size was very small; it was far less than 100kb.  As at today, it is the official and the most popular BitTorrent client. uTorrent was originally developed by Ludvig Strogeus. This same personality developed ScummVM, which is an emulator or a Virtual Machine

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Torrent is highly flexible. It is very easy to check, pause or load torrent on your computer from practically anywhere in the world. All you need in order to do this is the internet.  You can even instruct torrent to restart, hibernate or shut down your computer once the current torrent is completed.  You will find torrent to be especially useful for all your overnight downloads.

Torrent works perfectly on PC, but it may be difficult to download it on mobile devices, like iPad, iPod and iPhone. If you have been having problems about downloading torrent on your mobile device, solutions on how to get that done will be given in this write up.

Solutions to download torrent on iPad

Below, you will learn about the steps to take in order to download torrent on your iPad without ever using jailbreak.

First of all, visit App Store to download any of the available download managers.  A very good one you can download is iDownloader. The internet browser on your phone is the one acting as torrent client.

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Things you need

  • Download manager, like iDownloader and you can get it on App Store very easily.
  • The right torrent site on which to make the download. There are quite a number of torrent sites you can use online today.

The step by step solution

  • First of all, open the iDownloader or any other download manager you prefer.
  • Next, open the internet browser inside the iDownloader. You must note that one download manager differs from another in the way it functions.
  • Afterwards, visit your preferred torrent download site via the browser in the iDownloader. A good site you can sue is and are other working torrent sites you can make use of.
  • Next, long tap on the download link related to the actual torrent you are planning on downloading.
  • When you do this, you will be presented with 3 different options, vis-à-vis “Open”, “Copy” and “Cancel”. Click on “Copy”.
  • After this, open a fresh tab on the intent browser
  • Type in the search area.
  • When you are on Zbigz, you will be given a url field. Next, paste the torrent link you have copied into this field.
  • Allow Zbigz some time to create the required download link.
  • When the link opens, click on download button. This is provided in the form of down arrow and it is located beside the file you want to download.
  • After this, three options will be presented to you; they are “Download”, “Copy Link” and “Open”. Click on “Download”. The torrent file will then be downloaded on your iPad.
  • When on the site, make a search for the torrent to be downloaded

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Solutions to download Torrent on iPhone

  • Firstly, download filter app on App Store. Some are free and some are paid.
  • After this, visit to create free account. The torrent file will be downloaded from this site.
  • Afterwards, visit your torrent site to select the torrent of your choice.
  • Next, click on the download button and this will provide you with the download url. Next, copy the url
  • After copying the url provided above, open the webpage and then paste the copied link in the download bar on the site.
  • Then, press on GO. Do not press on Upload. The torrent file will start downloading automatically.
  • Once the downloading is complete, a new webpage opens up.
  • Look for the blue box with arrow in it on that new page and click on it. The blue button is the download button.
  • Afterwards, copy the url provided
  • Next, open the earlier downloaded FILTER app and then click on “Get Link”.
  • Paste the link obtained from zbigz into the url space and click on “Download”
  • Once the downloading is complete, you will find the file in the “FILES” section. You can visit this section to open the downloaded files.

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Solution to download torrent on pod

  • First and foremost, download Document app on your ipod from App Store.
  • After downloading the file, install it on your device.
  • Open the Document app on your device and drag its browser slider from bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Next, search for torrent file using the search box in the browser. Do not download the torrent file. Instead, copy the magnet/torrent link provided.
  • After this, open site using the browser in the Document app.
  • Next, paste the url/download link you earlier copied in the browser’s input field.
  • Then, click on the “Go” button.  This will prompt automatic downloading of the torrent file. The file will be downloaded to Zbigz’s servers. The download may take some time to complete. You can minimize the page and get involved with other things while the download is going on.
  • Once the downloading is complete, use the generated link to download the required files.
  • The rest of the downloading is taken over by Document app. Once it finishes, the file will be saved in the app’s storage.


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