Best Hair Styler Apps that are like Personal Stylist Living in your Phone

Changing hairdo is sometimes a thing of trick because sometimes you are just faced with the confusion of what to do next with your hair. Other times you just don’t know whether the hairstyle you saw on television or the one your friend made could fit perfectly on you. Sometimes the idea of trying to first buy a wig replica of that hairstyle comes to you because you know you will get a chance to know what the hairstyle will be like on you in a wig replica but you fail to understand that using that approach, you are actually wasting money. Sometimes too you might consider to see a hairstylist who shows you several pictures and posters of models who have faces just like your and wore numerous styles which to the hairstylist opinion will look good on you but the question is how are you going to ascertain that a hairstyle you see on a poster will actually fit you without going through any trouble of seeing yourself in it first.

Best Hair Styler Apps that are like Personal  Stylist Living in your Phone
Best Hair Styler Apps that are like Personal Stylist Living in your Phone

Sometimes it might not actually be the hair that bothers you but the color in which the hair should be. Just because you see a hairstyle with the color black on a model with your kid of face or shape of head doesn’t mean it will fit you or your personality. Why go for dark colors if you know your personality goes well with the hair in blonde? And how will you know blonde on your kind of personality will make your physical appearance appealing if you don’t have any means to try it on?

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Life is too short and we all have our choices to make in order to live our lives just as we want it and it all starts with making a perfect and your dream appearance. Technology has however come into the picture, making everything possible and having to pick which style best fits you is a riddle technology is ready to solve using your smartphone as a medium of solving it. Having a good hairstyle is one of the most striking features whose flaw is very quick to point out. A good hairstyle fills you up with confidence and adds lot more to your charisma, it has a way of creating an aura of beauty around you and even adding more to your beauty and so in this twenty first century, you just must embrace all what technology can offer you.

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Smartphones app  are all around but did you know you can choose style yourself in them, creating your perfect looks even before you get a chance to look like it in real life? That is the power of using smartphone. So be rest assured, whether you are using a ios or android enabled smartphone there are some apps that got you covered. These apps are  called ‘HAIRSTYLER’ apps and they typically allow you to try out new and trendy hairstyles on yourself to see if it’s going to fit. You get to know which style fits and in what color or length it fits best. What do you have to do? All you have to do is insert your picture and try fitting in the app provided styles to see if any one you desire fits you and also you can change the color of the hair you attach to your picture, to see if that hairstyle will fit you in another color.

I have personally gone through the pain to help you out in identifying the best eight hairstyle apps that are great on all smartphone operating system and they are listed below.


This is one of the sleekest hairstyling app you get find on the ios app store and it comes with amazing features that gives you that bright idea especially when you have an appointment with your stylist and you don’t know which style to opt for. It is not free and the four stars users review it as shows users are not complaining about buying it for  a cent lesser than five dollars. This app is designed to be useful for both male and female users . it comes with enhancing and editing features that allows you to fit any hair due you find amazing on your picture and to readjust them making the already real hairstyles appear so real on your picture. For the male users, you have the moustache and beards styles which you can try on and even facial hair remover. Generally, the hair styles can be tinted and blurred with the several other colors provided for in the color box.


this app is free although not absolutely as you might make some few in app purchase that are worth it. This application is one of the most updated hairstyling app as it goes on updating the hairstyle gallery to the most recent and trendiest of styles. The way this app works is by creating a data base that allows the app to run a search on celebrities that have your kind of facial feature and matches you all up. This app is basically doing two things, giving you a hairstyle idea and also providing you with other style opportunity as you can model you look on these celebrities. Over five hundred plus hairstyle inspiration is not a small gallery to choose from as it also comes with the wedding hair categories where you inspiration of what type of wedding hairstyle or hair wraps will best fit you on that day. This app is topnotch and a must to have, very sleek UI and fun to handle. However it works for now on IOS.

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Mary kay is  virtual makeover studio that works on android OS and leaves you in total awe of what smartphone apps can do.  The most striking surprise of this app is even with all its features it comes absolutely free. Not only does this app covers a virtual makeup studio that enables you to try several looks it also gives you the chance to delve into the hairstyling world where you get to pick up hairstyles and customize the hair to fit your person. You can change color of the hairstyles and can combine different hairstyle to build an entirely new one.

This application also gives you the clue on how to make the styles you chose a reality by displaying list of beauty or hair products needed for the style and where to get them.


From the creative stable of Modiface came this app. This app also works with android OS. This application has one of the nest user interface possible amongst the hairstyling app, a very classy, stylish, user friendly and fun to handle UI that comes in an app that is absolutely free. This app provides you with categorized where you can pick from, ranging from curls to waves and straight hairs. These styles can also be modified to look so real on whatever picture you are applying it on. You can also change the hairstyle’s color using the sleek color wheel that was created to utter the hair color without removing the real feeling of the style.


With over one hundred thousand downloads one is certain about the usefulness of this app. It is an android OS app that is useful to both men and has several haircut packs for the guy and numerous hairstyles for the ladies and while some are free you may have to purchase some. This app also always you to customize your own hair and edit your picture with the hair to see how the hair fits on you.

  1. NEWDO

new do is an IOS app that works with a very brilliant and sleek 3d technology  . this app is different from other and do things slight differently from other app. The only reason why this app is not topping my list is because of it not too many functions which is not giving users the opportunity to explore unlike others. This app is also not free. What this app does majorly is to take your picture and turn it into a computerized model .instead of going through the stress of swapping photos and selecting styles, this app does it all for you and all you are left to do is to refine your model by adding any other thing you want in the modifying feature. The app gives you a 3d look of how you are going to look like when you try some particular hairstyles on.


This app has an overall users review stars of three point nine, making it fairly good. It works on android OS only and it is free but unlike other app above, it can only change the color of the hair on the picture you want to edit. So basically if you are thinking of changing your hair color and you don’t know what you are going to look like, this is the app for you. You don’t have to go through the trouble of photoshopping anymore because with the color adjustment tool, you can adjust the intensity on the colors you choose to have your hair in and make it blend in as if it is just real.


This app is more of a fun app and it is much fun to use for real. It also works on android OS and it is basically very free. This app gives you the liberty to try so many hairstyle on unusual colors on. The hairstyles are however not so real in appearance, explaining why it has a three point four star rating on google play. But generally this app being the least on my list is much better than thousands of useless hairstyling apps out there in app stores. This app will radically change your hair to having some very funny hairstyles and color, ranging from orange to green and in fact purple.

So enjoy any of these top eight app and feel like you are in a salon of your own trying several looks without spending a dime. If you want some great collection of papyrus font for work then must visit our sister site


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