How to set up Carplay

How to set up Carplay

Apple CarPlay is an infotainment system that seeks to integrate and connect your iPhone 5 and newer iPhone versions to your car’s display using a USB cable. Setting up Apple’s CarPlay is simple and straightforward for anybody that is not tech savvy to do. The reason for this is that Apple Inc. has made the installation very easy. Furthermore, the technology is “Plugnplay” that doesn’t require a high level of skill for one to execute. This article walks you through the process of setting up CarPlay iOS in your vehicle while giving valuable tips that will be of benefit when carrying out the installation.

                                   How to set up Carplay


For any installation or setup to be performed, certain conditions have to be satisfied or fulfilled amongst which are:

  • Ensure that your iPhone is compatible because CarPlay requires a device to be connected, for the system to work. Some compatible phones include iPhone5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s plus.
  • The connection of the iPhone to the vehicle must be via a cable known as the “Lightening Cable.” The implication of this is that an iPhone 5 or newer versions must be used since older iPhones usually have a 30-pin connector instead of a Lightning connector and are not supported.
  • The vehicle must be compatible with Apple CarPlay solution. The compatible brands and models of cars are on an extensive list that can be obtained from the following website:
  • Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, and JVC have aftermarket head units for sale at their store.

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The process of starting the CarPlay program on your receiver is dependent on your car’s built-in infotainment system. You will find a CarPlay button on the main menu of your screen, or it could be a physical button. At times it is possible for CarPlay to start automatically when you connect the device to the vehicle.

  • Ensure that the car is started and the engine is running.
  • To connect the Apple iPhone to the Car’s USB port on your receiver, via the lightning cable, or use the cable that came with your device or a different Lightning-to-USB to connect the iPhone to the car’s receiver. Plug the lightning cable directly into the USB port of your receiver. The USB port is usually labeled with a CarPlay icon or a smartphone icon.
  • If the CarPlay logo doesn’t appear at first, you should select the CarPlay logo on the vehicle’s screen display.

Once the CarPlay program is launched, your iPhone screen becomes locked. It may prompt you to unlock it for CarPlay to begin. The reason for the iPhone being locked when connected to the car is to prevent any form of distraction to the driver while driving the vehicle.

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“Hey, Siri” is the hands-free function that enables you to interact with Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, without having to press the Home button or any other button on the wheel, head unit, or dash. You only have to say “Hey Siri” and he/she will come to life, and you can give him/her different tasks by just words of command. You can activate it in the following ways:

  • Go to the SETTING app
  • Select GENERAL settings
  • Select Siri settings
  • Enable ‘Allow Hey Siri’ switch to the ON (green) position
  • Press the set up ‘HEY Siri’ button to continue
  • You will be asked to call out the words ‘Hey Siri’ a few times for Siri to recognize and understand your voice.
  • Having done that, you should select the ‘DONE’ button to continue.

Allowing ‘Hey Siri’ is off by default, so to turn it on you must carry out the instructions given above.


You can activate Siri after you have enabled it as outlined described above. Ask Siri for anything you want it to do in the following ways:

  • Press and hold the Home button on the iPhone device until Siri appears on the vehicle’s stereo display.
  • Some cars have Voice control button on their steering wheel which you can press and hold down, while you give Siri your command to execute what you need.

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If you have iOS 9 iPhone model, it is possible to access CarPlay functionalities through a wireless connection to your car. Earlier versions of iPhone devices do not have this feature except the latest iOS 9 on iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s plus. It is also important that your Car support both wireless CarPlay and connectivity as well. It requires five steps to accomplish, and they are given below:

  • Go to Settings app
  • Select General Settings
  • Select CarPlay
  • If you iPhone’s Bluetooth function is off, you will get a popup prompting you to put it ON. Select Turn on Bluetooth
  • To start CarPlay Setup, just hold the Voice control button on your Steering wheel.


There is a possibility that your CarPlay may not work as expected, there are few things you can check to get it running.

  • Ensure that Siri functionality is ON
  • Connect your iPhone to a different USB in your vehicle.
  • Simply unplug and plug back the Lightning connections cable can sometimes resolve the issue .
  • Use another Lightning USB cable, and ensure that the cable is certified.
  • Update your device to the latest version iOS.
  • Check the vehicle’s manual for help; perhaps you may have to install the firmware update for the car stereo.
  • Restart your iPhone and the car to see if there might be a change. CarPlay home screen may come up when you turn on your vehicle. However, if it doesn’t come up, you should look for the CarPlay logo on the car’s screen.

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Having outlined how to setup CarPlay, it is pertinent to note that it requires you make use of your data plan when accessing apps and features such as maps, Radio, Spotify and others. For instance, one hour of streaming music requires approximately 5Mb of data. Data usage varies by smartphones, and it is important you check AT&T data calculator for more examples of data usage.

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