100 percent working Pokemon Go: 21 Tips, Tricks and Cheat to be the Best Trainer.

100 percent working Pokemon Go: 21 Tips, Tricks and Cheat to be the Best Trainer.

As far as twenty-first century is concerned, Augmented reality is the newest technology that most video games are embracing and the world’s favorite Pokémon go is not an exception. Before you start to learn about the tricks I am about to share with you, permit me to delve a little into the world of augmented reality so that you can fully comprehend the logic behind the success of Pokémon go so far. Augmented reality is a bridge between life realities and technology itself, augmented reality enhances real life scenarios by polishing these scenarios up with simple computer elements. Of course it is very easy to mistake augmented reality with virtual reality but the basic difference is while the virtual reality is a stimulation of the real world using computer elements, augmented reality brings out the real world reality as enhanced by the computer using simple elements. So with augmented reality, you can pick up a call or type a word without you actually getting hold of your keypad and so many other amazing features and this is what Pokémon go tapped into in creating this game we have all come to love. Pokémon Go totally embraced the use of augmented reality technology and combined it with other technologies such as the global positioning system and inbuilt cameras of various smart phones. Well you cant be so surprised by this advancement as Pokémon go was created by Niantic, a company that is dedicated to advancing the augmented reality technology in augmented reality games.

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Now having understood how Pokémon Go is so related with the augmented reality technology, it is just essential to tell how this technology makes this game work. Pokémon Go is a game that basically allows a user to build all that he wants his game to be all by himself. First, you get to venture into the real world  of the Pokémon franchise where you see character of different looks and then you get to design this character into the avatar of your choice. The augmented reality part comes in when your avatar gets to move on thee augmented reality map because you will have to sign into a location which entails a real world geographic details such as streets and subways and so many other main map feature but however just like most augmented reality, the game itself enhances this geographical features to include  in-game features which are simply known as the Pokémon gym and the Pokéstops. After this basic setup of creating your avatar and designing them to suit your taste, augmented reality takes over as all you need to do is to move about in an attempt to play the game and your avatar moves on the augmented reality map in the game leaving you with the feeling that you are part of the game yourself because anytime you as a player is faced with a Pokémon you are at the liberty of approaching it using the digital background or you can take over your game in a real world manner by superimposing over the image in the augmented reality format .

100 percent working Pokemon Go: 21 Tips, Tricks and Cheat to be the Best Trainer.

Now I am sure you are certainly and fully aware of how the Pokémon Go  game works. The game leaves you with the feeling that you are solely responsible for the activities in the game and that is just the power of augmented realities and with such a game as this so fortified with this technology, you are able to go about finding and catching several hundreds of Pokémon species that dwells in your virtual surroundings. The game is actually started by you selecting a starter Pokémon from either the Grass type, Fire type or the Water type and this starter Pokémon is often time a weak one with little or no strength, fighting ability or even speed so technically, you have to build this starter Pokémon to a stronger Pokémon who will  go about the reality of your world, to fight and defeat other Pokémon on sight. Well your Pokémon is always given two choices which are to either fight to gain more experience and fighting strength or to run which will add nothing to it. This battle goes on and on until your Pokémon starts getting bigger and better both in fighting and speed and then you will need to pick bigger challenges. Challenges such as defeating eight Pokémon gym leaders and collecting their badges which will make you eligible to fight in an elite four, and defeating these elite four will then mean you are the overall champion of this game but as smooth as these process may seem to be, Pokémon Go is far from being all that easy. Apart from all the wild Pokémon you might be faced with and which you need to capture as part of your collection, you also need to pick some  other random challenges which you must defeat and let’s assume you are so lucky defeating all these other Pokémon, defeating all the eight Pokémon gym leaders and collecting their badges is not an easy task not to talk of facing the elite four in a grand finale of the game. That is why in an attempt to help you realize this long quested dream of becoming the overall champion, I have simplified some simple tricks that will definitely  help you achieving in. these tricks are basically just twenty-one and they are tricks that won’t remove the thrill of the game but will just facilities your moves towards you winning.

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Pokemon Go : Top 21 Tricks Tips & Cheats

  1. AIM FOR MULTIPLE TARGET Visit parks with multiple PokéStops

Well, in order to make a very good trainer by making your Pokémon gather better experience and fighting ability, you have to fight more and defeat more Pokémon and this you can do  by visiting a crowded place with potential multiple Pokéstop. A perfect example of this kind of place is a park. You can always find Pokémon almost everywhere you go because of the several players the word now has but parks are the perfect spot where you get to see multiple Pokémon. Getting a Pokémon in a park shouldn’t just be the goal but getting to fight several species of it as different park terrain aids in seeing different types of Pokémon.

  1. Be careful when you hunt at night

Always stick to a well-lit area and keep as much as possible away from attacking alone at night. Most pokestop are lure-enabled and it is definitely not safe to go all by yourself because the number rule if you want to keep being a best trainer is to never make your Pokémon get stabbed or robbed. This will lead to the third trick or tip of hunting in  pairs of group.

  1. Always try to hunt in pair or small group.

If you follow the beauty of the augmented reality as explained above, you would notice that by the virtue of this technology, the Pokémon Go game brings you as well as so many other persons into the game and you all are in search of Pokémon which can be killed by anybody at any time on your map. So it so advisable to hunt this Pokémon in group which is actually more fun as it allows you and your friends to enjoy a beautiful timeout gaming around your neighborhood. Hunting in group as also proved a very effective way of figuring out where to fish out the three-footstep Kadabra.

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  1. Try searching parking lots for quicker Pokémon catch.

Well I don’t know if I have just been lucky in my several attempts on this came but if not for any other thing at all, I am certain that Pokémon enjoys spawning in most parking lots and more preferably those parking lots that are much near a Pokéstop.  Also try and search for Pokémon in gas stations as I have seen like six to seven around my gas station in several games.

  1. Use your radar ring to discover Pokémon

Perhaps you might be wondering what a radar ring is especially if you are a first time player, a radar ring is a little pulsing rings that glows around your avatar and it is used in luring Pokémon out of hiding too. This ring also serves as a way of knowing when you are close to a pokestop or a Pokémon gym. So knowing the power of you radar ring will help you to know that you don’t have to take certain risks like going offer your neighbors fence or other related stuffs to catch a Pokémon because once one is around, you will know on your radar and walking closer to the signal point might just lure out Pokémon for you. So try to use you radar to save your time and extra work.

  1. Pokémon spawns are random but yes look for moving leaves.

So many Pokémon players keep thinking every moving leaves mean a Pokémon is somewhere around and when this appears not to be so, they generalize that the game is pointless and a mere waste of time. You might be lucky to catch one around but it is most random and it doesn’t actually happen all the time although, the leaves means a pokemon spawn point is just around but it requires patience and a lot of sticking around to get what you want.

  1. Know the game time!

Well most Pokémon players find the game enjoyable at most time of the day but afternoon remains the best time to catch as many Pokémon as possible. When you know the time then the game is right.

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  1. Play a trick , try to turn off your AR

What is the trick behind Pokémon go game itself, the trick is augmented reality. This technology drains battery and keeps you every step away from accomplishing your goal. It is a most a painful experience when you see a Pokémon and then you realize that your battery is drained. So in     order to stay prepared for any Pokémon pop up, you need to turn your AR off until you perhaps sight a straying Pokémon.

  1. Use your poke balls and razz berries to capture Pokémon but don’t waste them.

Not all Pokémon balls are of equal sizes and strength, some are essentially better. So when you are faced with a rare Pokémon with incredible CP in the wild, your need that better Pokémon ball because a standard one cannot catch this kind of Pokémon. Razz berries will be available once you attain level six and as you progress, great and Ultra balls will also be available. All together, these balls enhance your chances of capturing wild Pokémon. Razz berries has  a way of weakening a Pokémon because even if you throw you haven’t lost it because you just increased your chances of catching it as it is already weakened in some way.

  1. Don’t just throw Pokémon balls, earn bonuses too.

The general quest of trainer is to make your avatar catch a Pokémon and have your ball tossed inside the shrinking ring around them and have them land on the nose or head of the Pokémon. There are however some catch bonuses which may help to enhance your chances of having your Pokémon locked in the Poké Ball instead of having your Pokémon breaking free Whatever bonus you’re aiming . Hold on to your ball and never let go off the hold by tapping and remaining on the ball so as not to lose your ball in an attempt to capture a Pokémon.

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  1. Game might crash don’t fret, it’s normal.

Game crashes are always due to the fact that the developers servers are often overloaded and crashes might tend to happen. This is most annoying when you are about catching a Pokémon and then the game goes off. Well this is nothing to be worried about and please do not restart the game because it is often the case that you have captures automatically a Pokémon or perhaps, the Pokémon is spawned and patiently waiting for the game to come up.

  1. lay lures around shops or bars when you’re not hunting.

Attaching lures around places like a coffee shop or a bar attracts a considerable numbers of Pokémon and all you have to do is just to wait and see how the Pokémon keeps spawning out into the lure. You might even be lucky to get a rare Pokémon.

  1. Master the use of Ingress.

Ingress is a Pokémon go inbuilt map that is best for you to identify where exactly to target when it comes to catching your Pokémon. Ingress is also the most ideal to locate a pokestop or a pokegym.

  1. Before an evolving Pokémon or XP spree, use your lucky eggs.

Pokémon go offers lucky eggs as rewards when you get to complete each level but you can also buy them in shops and these lucky eggs helps in doubling your personal  trainer xp for like thirty minutes. While these eggs can be used to help in flying up your levels by capturing many Pokémon, it serve more effective purpose when you are evolving Pokémon.  For example for evolving Pokémon you get 500XP but when you enable your Lucky Egg, you get 1000XP, is this not amazing?

  1. Higher level creature might play the trick

it is more beneficial to choose higher level creatures when you want to evolve creature. To be sure about a creature’s level, you can observe the ring which is often above its portrait, the amount of level is indicated on the ring.

  1. Choose your Stardust and Candy wisely.

You don’t have to be in a hurry to boost ad evolve your first Pokémon, always have it in mind that the journey is far and try to reserve your resources  for the other higher level creature you are going to find soon.

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  1. Move around your room to get your eggs hatch.

One of the best trick you can ever learn on the Pokémon go is to learn how to hatch a ten kilometers egg by simply moving your phone around your room. The trick is keep your phone as mobile as possible to kick start your gps signal to believe you are really on the move.by simply moving your phone up and down your desk can in no time hatch your egg.  You can also try placing your phone or tying it around a slow motioned fan, please make sure your fan is not turned to the highest as this can increase the risk of falling your phone.

  1. Never attack so directly at the beginning of each battle

By simply dodging attacks from an opponent I a good way of throwing him off balance and it gives you an extra attack advantage because an opponent can lose its balance when its attack is dodged and you can try attacking before your opponent can actually get his bearing.

  1. Never allow to be under-matched in a battle.

The trick of winning battles even when you are faced by a more prestigious gym is to have a basic understanding of how some elements works against some species of Pokémon. Identify the element of the Pokémon you are fighting and attack with the contrary. Example is if you are faced with a dragon element you can attack using ice or a fairy, so is same if you are faced with a fire element which you can defeat using grass or water.

  1. Compose your friendly gym well.

Having a composition of very vulnerable Pokémon might be very damaging so you need to add many different species of Pokémon to your already existing friendly gym so as to be able to withstand attack from other trainers with any kind of Pokémon gym composition .

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  1. Be smart enough to claim a neutral gym.

You might have lost a gym or maybe cannot personally face a gym battle but peradventure you come cross someone who is giving all he has to defeat an opposing gym, the best things is to wait to see when the gym is going to be taken but as soon as the gym becomes neutral white, just like anyone, you can drop your Pokémon in. this actually requires you being fast and smart because you can get to reclaim your lost gym and furnish the gym with your very powerful Pokémon especially after your fighting friend has exhausted all his powerful creatures in defeating the gym.

With this tips and simple tricks, you are just about to be the next rated Pokémon trainer.

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