Top 6 French Learning Apps

What an extraordinary time to learn French!

For whatever length of time that you have, with a cell phone in hand, you can learn French with French podcasts , Youtube channels, and music.Furthermore, how about we now take a look at some applications that may actually help you learn French with a smile.

Best Top 6 French Learning Apps

Yet, you may think, which applications would it be a good idea for you to begin with?No stresses – we’ve assembled a rundown of the six best applications for learning French.

List of Best Top 6 French Learning Apps



MindSnacks is a wonderfully outlined iOS application for French learners. Despite the fact that the application is outfitted towards understudies, I think you’ll observe the MindSnacks be very agreeable in helping you learn new French words.

Broadly acclaimed for its diversion with learning and updating words, MindSnacks helps you to learn new words through 9 recreations

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FluentU is a truly one of a kind stage for learning French. Not at all like the different applications here, FluentU utilizes an alternate way to deal with French – a video based philosophy.

More or less, FluentU is a video based learning platform that takes the web’s best French recordings, and transforms them into dialect learning encounters.



Mosalingua is a platform that is a decent mix between an intelligent French application and a sound phrasebook.

What makes Mosalingua one of a kind is its utilization of the SRS system while displaying new words. With more than 14 classes and 100 sub-classifications, all with discussions and sound records to boot, and covering more than 3000 expressions in its sound phrasebook, Mosalingua is intended to help you retain this material (and keep it!) in the most brief conceivable time.

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  1. Rosetta Stone

It’s practically difficult to say dialect learning without saying Rosetta Stone.One of the most seasoned and most well known learning systems around, it’s currently accessible as a portable application.

Without delving into the shocking points of interest, Rosetta Stone separates itself from numerous other dialect approaches by offering a totally immersive ordeal. From the earliest starting point, it shows French simply through French – there’s not a word in English inside the course.

  1. Memrise

A standout amongst the most creative applications for learning French words I’ve found in quite a while, Memrise is a superb decision for your adapting needs in case you’re attempting to recollect some French words.

Its procedure is very special. Not at all like most applications, it doesn’t (simply) show words through pictures. It shows you French words through cleverness. For instance, the expression “j’attends” (I am holding up) may be recalled by “I am holding up until I am mature enough to go to class”, alongside a photo of a child with a pacifier.

6. Open Language (formerly French Pod)

Open Language French is more formal contrasted with different applications – it’s really in view of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which is a universally acknowledged size of measuring dialect proficiencies of remote dialect speakers.

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Inside French Pod, you’ll see that it has numerous parts in a lesson. You begin off with a discourse, which the lesson is based on. Two local (or bilingual) has play out the discourse, and contribute English notes to clarify new ideas and words along the path, so it could be said, despite the fact that you’re learning French with an application, it feels like you have two educators.


An extraordinary time to learn French with applications – As should be obvious, a significant number of these applications share a shared objective – to distil learning French into its uncovered pith and present it for entertainment only, edible lessons.Learning French through applications is really an incredible path for French learners… whether you’re a tenderfoot or a propelled learner.

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    Paul Chezter

    Thats a nice list of French learning apps, one might also check out “Learn French + by Vidalingua” another French learning app. It’s a good one too and I use it everyday.

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