Top Ten Apps to Hide Pictures

The mobile phone world is evolving and now we are in the era of smartphones which come with various features to make life very much easier. Not only can you bring your office work home to continue working on it with your tablets, androids or what have you but you can also transfer files easily.      Transactions and so many other things can be concluded from the comfort of your home via your phone. However, the ugly side remains that this process might not fully guarantee your utmost privacy as co-workers, family or friends tend to want to handle your phone thereby viewing those files and document you desperately want to keep out of their reach. In other to curb these excesses, however, different application developers have come up with several applications to break this ugly issue of violation of privacy. Others are still coming up with other advance applications too.

In order for you to be assured that no matter what you store or use your phone for, you are always secured and your privacy is always ensured, app developers came up with an application designed as some kind of safe or vault for you to store private files and hide them away so as not to appear under any category in your phone gallery. This app has been given different names and is not the same in terms of more advanced functionality. That is why I have taken up the responsibility to come up with the list of the top ten file hiding application as far as today is the concern.

  1. Audio manager hide it pro application : This is the number one hide it the application of the time and highly recommended for all Android and iPhone users who know what it feels like to have one’s privacy ‘’unbreached’’. This application not only hides your file for you but it leaves no clue that your file has been hidden. Unlike other hides it application whose name leaves a clue about what such an app is for, the Audio manager hide it pro application which goes by the name audio manager leaves no clue whatsoever about its function. Its amazing disguise icon and first display when clicked upon makes it the perfect app to fool infringers of privacy around. Also with the very innovative idea of creating an alternative password for an alternative encrypted account make it a unique app.
  2. Vaulty :  this is one of the oldest file hiding application around and although it doesn’t come with the disguise feature like the amazing audio manager hide it pro, it sure has its own fabulous features. Features such as inbuilt filter and photo editing studio which enables you to carry out some editing on your pictures without not having them come out from the filing hiding app to your open gallery which I am sure you will agree with me to be a fabulous concept. Vaulty also has a camera feature where you can record or take pictures without you going out to use the normal camera which links whatever you do to your open gallery.
  3. Private photo vault: another wonderful hide it application basically for picture and videos and it comes with amazing pictures such as the idea of enabling users to have multiple passwords for different files and it comes with a GPS tracking and photo taking features to track down those who opened your phone.
  4. Safe gallery free: this also comes with the hide icon feature where you can hide the application’s icon and open via the normal keypad using the password you set. It also backup your photos and other files.
  5. Folder lock for android: Folder Lock is a feature-packed, dynamic data security application. It has a range of comprehensive security features that allow you password-protect, organize and hide your sensitive files, folders, videos, images and other receptive data saved on your Windows PC, USB drives & Android devices.
  6. Hide Picture Keep Safe Vault: it comes with a very easy UI and using this app won’t show its presence on your running app list. Very discrete.
  7. Vault-Hide SMS, Photos and Videos: it has one of the sleekest layouts with additional features that enables you to hide SMS, pictures, videos and even apps. What differentiates this app from others is that you can create a fake vault that can be accessible by anyone using any password without them knowing they have been fooled.
  8. FotoxL: this file hiding application is different from others because of one amazing feature which is the fact that no one can uninstall this app except the original user. This is so because an original password is needed for the uninstallation.
  9. Photo Locker: with it simple to use UI, your files are guaranteed to be well secured under the protection of your own customized password setting.
  10. Gallery Lock: very dynamic and unique in it encryption and be rest assured no one can crack your code. Its cloud storage is superb, giving you the opportunity to link up with google drive and dropbox and so many other cloud storage system.
  11. Gallery Vault: this also comes with the face capturing tracker and backup features and just like many other file hiding apps, it is very safe.

Feel free to choose any of this application that best suits you. Some of them are free while you might need to buy some to enjoy all its features but generally, these top ten are the best the Android and iPhone market is offering presently.

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