When we are talking about innovation in the world of application designing and developing, the long awaited next step is here especially in the world of file hiding application. Every android user have been waiting for a new innovational application that will be designed in such a way as not to give a clue about what exactly the application is meant for and finally they got one. Many people face the constant trouble of trying not to allow other people go through their phones and hence, denying themselves to keep things they ordinarily wish to keep. Most times, keeping files might not be in the sense of pictures or videos, it might be an important document you have been working on in the office or a vital audio recordings. Regular  file hiding applications gives a clue that you have something to hide and it might not prevent the nosy people from not going through your phone so far they can poke you to release your password to them. But unlike these regular file hiding applications, the audio manager is different. With its misleading name, not only will it divert attention away, it also gives no clue about you hiding any document.


Audio manager Hide It Pro application works amazingly on Iphone and androids. It is a unique app whose icon itself was chosen and designed to deceive and unlike the rest of its kind, it makes you go through no questioning section with anybody because not a single one would have a clue what it really is except smart ones that is perhaps using it too. The app is designed to appear like a functional audio manager with a music player kind of app that leaves anyone using your phone no clue that you have a privacy app installed in your phone. Audio Manager Hide It pro  is designed in such a way that just a single click on the launch icon will automatically open a volume adjustment kind of set up which would automatically piss other users off. I am sure the next question you have now is how then is this audio manager hide it pro application work?

In knowing the audio manager hide it pro application functionality, the first thing you need to understand about its uniqueness is that it is one hundred percent safer than other file hiding applications and also unlike other applications, the audio manager hide it pro application is safe enough to use it to hide other applications. The audio manager hide it application like mentioned earlier won’t open anything meaningful in just one click but a firm touch on the icon for a another second or two will bring out its functionalities fully. For first  use after installation, you might have to set up your passwords or pin alongside with linking it with your email in case you forgot your password and would like to get it back. If you certain you can always remember your password or pin, you might not necessarily link your audio manager hide it pro application with your mail. There is also an alternative password creation designed with this fabulous application in case you are being subjected to an unnecessary threat to release your password or pin. This alternative password would redirect any other user aside you with the knowledge of the real password. This alternative password is a route to an encrypted container that is specifically created to bail you out from any ugly situations, making this audio manager hide it pro application the very best of its kind.

With the sleekest interface design of this audio manager Hide it Pro application,  you  have the liberty to freely navigate through your gallery to select the pictures you’d like to hide and everything you select goes vanishing under the protection of  password  and hidden away using the AES256-bit encryption.  With all this amazing features, it is no longer a fallacy to say that the audio manager hide it pro application is truly the file hiding application of this age.


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