Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Iphone

Let’s face it, we all need to record voice sometimes, be it as a reminder, proof or any other reason. Regardless of what reason might that be, one thing is certain. A good, reliable voice recorder app should always be there for any iOS user, which is why we have created a list which includes some of the 10 best voice recorder apps!

Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Iphone
  1. Voice Recorder Pro

This is a professional app that not only helps you acquire and use voice memos, it also features a variety of great formats you can record in which is even more helpful. The app is a free download and receives updates often, plus you can use it with ease thanks to the great interface.

  1. Voice Recorder Free

With the app you can download here you won’t have a problem getting regular voice recording done! It’s a simple app and simple features but it does deliver some great results.

  1. Recorder

Recorder is a simple and fun app with a good interface and plenty of options. It’s not hard to use at all and you can easily track all your recordings with ease.

  1. Extra Voice Recorder

With this particular app you get quite a lot of interesting features such as the ability to edit your recordings, take notes as well as sync with Dropbox. Great app for fast recording.

  1. QuickVoice Recorder

QuickVoice is a very good app that features a very impressive quality and regular updates. It’s very easy to use and it features plenty of great tools to help you with your recordings.

  1. iTalk Recorder

iTalk Recorder is amazing just because it helps you record with ease. Press the big red button to start and then stop a recording, you can then listen to any recording without a problem.

  1. SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

This application helps you record all kinds of notes, reminders and spoken language which can then be used as you see fit. It’s a premier app with cool features and plenty of benefits!

  1. Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD has a premium feel to it and it also manages to offer a great interface for managing your recordings as well. Refined and very easy to use, this is a paid app but one that you will certainly love using on a daily basis.

  1. Voxie Pro Recorder

This is a premium recording app that not only helps you record with great precision, it also delivers great quality and easy exporting. It’s a great app with lots of neat features.

  1. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder offers precision and a great quality to the entire recording experience. It’s very easy to work with, offers an amazing value with some great prices attached and it’s just an exciting tool to use.

Regardless of how fast and well you want to record voice, these 10 apps will help you do that. They offer quality, precision and professionalism in one simple package, so we encourage you to check them out, as they are well worth your time!


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