How to Track an iphone by phone number


Having an iPhone nowadays is a complete necessity but getting it lost can be a true tragedy. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of problems that include data loss and that’s why it’s a very good idea to do all you can in order to recover the phone or at least find its location. But if you didn’t have any GPS or locator app installed on it then things can be quite frustrating, especially if the only thing you own from that phone is the phone number. Can this be of any use?

Phone Tracker Spy Gadget

Yes, believe it or not you can indeed track a phone via its phone number, and here is the way you can do it! First, you need to acquire Phone Tracker Spy Gadget at and once you acquire the app on the secondary iPhone (the phone of your friend you will have to add in your phone number. You will need to wait for a little bit and then you will get a complete location for your mobile phone.

Phone Tracker

This is another app which is quite similar to Phone Tracker Spy Gadget and it can be downloaded on Just like the aforementioned tool, this one also uses the internal GPS system of the device and it manages to pinpoint the location with complete accuracy. It has a very simple interface and it’s also very easy to use which is a major plus!

Family Tracker

With a similar approach, but this time focused on finding members of your family (even if it can also track a lost phone or a stolen one), the Family Tracker app can indeed come in handy and using it is just as easy. You add in the desired phone number and wait for the app to use the GPS on the missing phone in order to pinpoint its location. The missing phone has to be open in order for the process to work. You can download Family Tracker from

All these 3 tools have a similar way of working however it’s all about finding the right one that suits your needs. One thing to note about tracking an iPhone via the phone number is that doing so can save you time and money, so it’s a very good idea to try these tools before you alert the police or do anything similar.

These applications also allow you to spy on other persons if you have their phone number, but the ethical thing to do with them is to use their power in order to identify the location of your stolen or lost phone. Download any of the aforementioned tools, give them a shot and you are bound to like the end result. Just check these out and you will not be disappointed if you want a good way to figure out where your lost phone is currently location. Try them out and you will get this info very fast!


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