REAL STEAL – Car Race Gaming at its Super Best

Less attention is paid to most sport racing games nowadays because of the copycat attitude of developers among other annoying anomalies’. One thing I also like to take note of when writing reviews is the fact that it is likely to influence user decision. Real Steal is evidently a unique and captivating 3D car racing game. The reasons for this conclusion are not farfetched. There are a few yardsticks used in honestly reviewing how bad or good game is and I have applied those parameters in testing Real Steal, I can affirm that this is a five star game. Below are some of the parameters considered;


REAL STEAL – Car Race Gaming at its Super Best
games that make you earn Reward
Real Steal – Real Reviews

No annoying ads: For me as a game player, one major turn off in games I have a ads popping up left, right and center. Just like in real life, in real steal racing, The ads are placed on the dash board in the racing circuit.

Game that make you earn Prizes: Earn Rewards for achieving in game targets in the game zone.

Multiplayer and single player: The ability of other players to steal your Racebuck is one thing that makes the online racing fun. When racing offline, you can race against the AI or challenge your friend online. It is advisable to master the tracks in offline mode before moving ahead to compete online.

Power-Ups: For each achievement completed, you earn Racebuck. There are a good number of power-ups up for grab during a the race. The race includes power-ups like (nitros and ammos) which make it easier to achieve the goals in the game and win races.

Great user-navigation: To maneuver your opponent, you have the option of tilting or touching. More attention is however, focused on enjoying the primary aim of the game itself (i.e. racing, shooting opponents and Using power-ups) Rather than silly adventures.

Graphics and user interface: Real Steal boasts of high quality 3D graphics that give you a soothing user interface and makes the game look and feel real.

Time Limit: Unlike other car racing games, Real Steal has no time limit, every racer is faced with the business of running faster than their opponent.

Track variety: you can get a number of track varieties even in one lap, some lovely track names are {Urban thrill, City Track, Frantic Frenzy etc.}

Conclusively, without missing words I will say based on my testing of this game that, it arguably one of the best captivating 3D car race game out there. I really had fun playing this game because of its uniqueness that distinguishes it from other car race game in the market today.

If you are a car race game thriller like me, download and install this game today and enjoy the uniqueness of this game today.




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