List of Best 5 Screen Recording App for Iphone

List of best 5 screen recording app for Iphone

Screen recording app for iphone are the apps that can be use for video recording, screen video recording, taking screenshot and for some other various type of recording. Some of these screens recording app are as simple as touch or click and record meanwhile others can provide a very difficult tool set for advanced video recording and editing. It is to be noted that this list comprises of the best screen recording app that comprises of video recording app and screen video recording app, user should therefore choose in regards to the one that best suit them for their video recording and user should make sure they read through this article to gain more insight about the best screen recording app which will enables them choose the best screen recording app that best suit them.

List of Best 5 Screen Recording App for Iphone 

  • Pro Recorder

Pro recorder is one of the best screen recorder apps on apple store, This video recording apps allows you to record videos with unlimited feature such as pause, resume capability and the enablement to record and edit multiple video segments. The screen video recording app offer unlimited recording features such as video recording, audio recording, addition of text watermark to the recorded video, the ability to remove any unwanted video segment, the ability to combine both recording gathering and ability to export the recorded video using fine tunings that you like.

Pro recorder is simple and easy to use with simple touch, release to pause and hold to record. It also provides various video filters.

  • Xcamera

This is an app that allows you to take numerous screen casts on your iphone devices. This app serves as screen video recording apps and you will be able to record and upload to upload to any of the most visited video channel which include flickr, YouTube, facebook, twitter, instagram and other video sharing site. This screen video recording apps can help you to record video, audio and can auto save recording if is disrupt by phone call. This awesome screen video recording app allow you to join various video to one for easy uploading, all record on screen video recording app automatically save to the camera roll library. This video recording app is not a free app but the best part of it that it is one of the easiest screen video recording app with one touch on the screen to record and one touch to get video. For quick start of the app click on the icon of the app in the home page and enable auto record at start this will make it to start after click on the app icon.

  • Face time

Face Time is iphone inbuilt app for iphone user. Face Time is the best video recording app, video calling app for iphone user, it offer an extra ordinary excellent video and audio quality. Face time is not just the best screen recording for iphone but it also one of the best and it is the most used iphone app among all the iphone app for iphone lover, this app can be use for video chatting with another face time user that offer an excellent experience.

  • Spy cam

Spy cam is also an iphone screen recording app develop by app crawler, spy cam has stealth camera implanted in it, spy cam is a screen video recording apps with special feature that allow iphone user that owns the phone to knows all the activities that was carried out on the phone when the phone was away from him/her. This is an excellent app that make user to enjoy the height of technology. This video recording app allows user to experience an awesome level of recording features.

  • Irecorder

The last but not the least app on our list of the best 5 screen recording apps on iphone is irecorder, it also another great screen recording app with the ability of touch and hold on screen to record video and audio of whatever you like, it also one of the best screen video recording app for the iphone user. This app enables user to get recording screen with faster speed ensuring that time is saved with it simple and easiest ways of doing video recording with your camera. irecorder is a video recording app with some extra features ahead of others apps on our list of the best screen recording app such as no recording limit time, ability to alter the direction of the camera, it has no bulking ads, it has unlimited record time, it also automatically save recorded video in to the photo album just like other screen recording apps listed above, This is paid app but it definitely value for any money you to purchase it.


We hope you enjoy the list of the best screen recording app for iphone above, all of these screen recording app include hotkey that can aid recording activities, we are happy to inform you that any of this app will definitely give you that perfect recording that you need for your recording activities either it is video recording app or screen recording app.



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