10 Best Free Exercise Apps for Iphone/Ipad

Every single person on this earth would love to have such amazing body with the great shape and healthy as well. However, only a few people can have it naturally, the other should work hard to be able to have such kinds of body. In this case, if you happen to dream of having such amazing shape and healthy body then you should train, workout, have diet, such stuffs. in this case you do not have to do go the gym or fitness center. You might choose the easiest way which is downloading the best free exercise Apps for iphone/ipad, if you happen to have Iphone or ipad.


Here are some best exercises apps that you might like to download on your iphone or ipad. These apps, by the way, are not going to help you on the exercise because as the matter of fact you are not going to do the lift weight by playing the exercise on the apps. The apps here will show you some steps that you need to follow and also help you maintain your workout time. As we all know, there are some easiest way in order to have such perfect shape and healthy body.

10 Best Free Exercise Apps for Iphone/Ipad

#1. GymGoal – This is one of the best exercise apps for iphone. This app will allow you to keep track for the measurement you have and come with the large database workout.

#2. Gym Buddy – This is also another kind of exercise apps that will help you with your routine. This app will keep your track with your daily workout so easily.

#3. Pump weight – People know this as the app as a personal trainer. It helps you keep track with the workout routine. This app contains more than 70 exercises also with the useful timers.

#4. Body Fitness – This application covers more than 320 samples of exercises with pictures of course. It even lets you create your custom workout. It is definitely give you some report to find out how you have been progress.

#5. Jefit – This app is a very interesting one. It has lots of covers, it also provide you with the plan for the workout routine and the detail exercise

#6. Gym Hero – This is one of the best free exercise Apps for iphone/ipad. It is really cool. it all you to track your routine. This app is also compatible with social media such as Facebook, RunKeeper and twitter.

#7. Workout Trainer – This is another kind of apps that will help you get the better shape fast. It has lots of free and also the premium workout. There is also reminder. This app happens to be one of the most favorite one that many people like to have on their iphone devices.

#8. You are Your Own Gym – This is another kind of app that will help you exercise and shape up your body fast, this have the kind of workout timers so that you can always remember the time for you to have exercise.

#9. Easy Gym Log – this app really help you on shaping your body. It will help you with the great instruction to have such amazing weight and cardio workout at gym.

#10. All in Fitness – This is one of the best free exercise Apps for iphone/ipad. It has 700 sample of exercise. It can be for women or men. To make you feel easy on doing the exercise, the apps provides you with videos and audio instruction.

In order to have a fit and great shape of body, exercise is not enough. You should be more discipline. In this case, you must have a nice rest, sleep at the right time, consume the very healthy food and also try to have the healthy diet. Try not to force yourself too much. Having the easiest way could not be harm.

Remember, the apps on the iphone or ipad is only a part of the kind of reminder, the kind of instruction what you should do from the start to the end. That means you should discipline yourself by having enough sleep, also try to consume the good food, the healthy food which is fresh and not the junk food.


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