List of Best Five App Hider for Iphone

One reason that you need the secret app hider for iphone is because the privacy. For that, it is important for you to know the best apps to hide some files in your iphone. Commonly, the personal files in your iphone such as videos and images can be hidden by these applications.

Sometimes, there are some people think the reason for using the app icon hider in their mobile phone especially the android type. The clear answer is this application is used to protect some personal files so that they can’t see by the other people except you. You can keep your folder in a good way.

List of Best Five App Hider for Iphone

There are best applications to lock your personal folder. The followings are list of best five app hider for iphone you should know:

List of Best Five App Hider for Iphone

Firstly, there is the application of hide calculator. Actually, this is not a calculator. However, this icon is like the calculator. Commonly, people will suppose that this is the normal application in your mobile phone. The fact, this is the great app to save the secret files such as video and images. There is the password so the files in this app really can be kept safely.

Then, the second one the folders lock. It is a simple application for keeping some files. Of course, it is protected with the password. You can see your files directly from this application.

The next type of the secret application for your iphone is private area. Through this app, many files can be kept in this tool. You can save whatever you want to such as images, video, contacts and the others in it. You can add the files and delete this easily.

Then, there is the application namely iDiscrete. You will feel peace in mind because all your files are kept secretly. It is suitable for any types. Therefore, adding and changing the files into this tool can be done easily and quickly.

The last application that includes the list of best five app hider for iphone for your files is “my hidden folder pro’. As the name of this tool, it is used to hide some folders in you mobile phone. This is the best tool you can use to hide your personal files. The good thing for this application is there are two passwords you should make. One password is the real one and the second is the fake.

Those are list of best five app hider for iphone you can choose to keep your files being safe. The benefit you can get for this tool is you can hide any files folder such as notes, contact, images, video and the others. Then, the short messages in your phone also can be kept so there is no person can read your messages. Generally, those apps have the appearance such as the normal application. So, decide to use this app for your iphone because it will give some benefits for you in keeping some secret files. The best thing is you will feel peace in mind if you have the great application to hide your files.


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