Best Font Apps for IPhone & Ipad

Yesterday i got a mail regarding the best font apps for Iphone, one of my readers also looking for what font does apple use, so here i am going to share best fonts app for iphone, also discuss  regarding  what font does apple use , ipad font, apple ios font etc.

Best Font Apps for Iphone and Ipad

What Font Does Apple Use ??

Myriad Pro,Lucida Grande and Avenir is the answer of above mention question. Myraid Pro is the font which is used by “iPhone / iPad / iPod” printed at the back of the device, website text and other official document headings. use of Myriad for headlines and Lucida Sans (Lucida Grande on the Mac) for text and other small stuff. Now the new Apple’s favorite is Avenir which is used in Iphone maps and also used in Siri’s.

San Francisco for Apple Watch and the promotional content (only headings) for Apple Watch.

Best Font Apps for IPhone & Ipad

Fontli is a social network for Typography enthusiasts to broadcast their passion through pictures taken from a mobile device. What makes Fontli different from other photo sharing applications is its typography centric features. Users can spot a typeface by simple photo tagging and Fontli gives additional information on the Typeface such as Designer/Foundry info and other pictures tagged with it.

Create your custom fonts by Font maker eg- first open up ur font maker. Click on ‘make fonts’. Whatever letters u want to type in ur message, type them. As u can see, every time u type, it gives u different options on how to write the letter.

Discover the best custom keyboard for iOS 8, with tons of different fonts and themes to pimp your device. Love the fonts as use them for birthday and anniversary wishes makes people special.

Font Dresser Free is a mini font editor. Besides text-editing, it can also save the texts in the format of photo or send them out by emails. Meanwhile, the camera is turn-on when you’re editing the words.

 Over 115 fonts to choose from! Write with Emoji text, upside down text, bubble letters, and many many more.

Hope you will like our top 5 fonts apps for iphone and ipad, if you want to share anyother good  app for fonts or want to share your reveiws regarding above then just just comment below, we’ll love to hear you !!



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