Best Mounts and Cases for iPhone Photography

When taking pictures and video with an iPhone it is important to have a good mount to stabilize the phone on a tripod and to have good cases and lenses to help take better pictures. Taking pictures and videos with a handheld iPhone will unavoidably lead to blurry pictures. A good mount will attach easily to a tripod or stand alone and will adjust to fit the phone and angle it for more dramatic photographs.

Best Mounts and Cases for iPhone Photography

Finding the right mount and proper lenses for the iPhone will help create photographs and videos that will be artistic, poignant and special. Following are 5 of the best iPhone mounts for use in photography.

Best Mounts and Cases for iPhone Photography

1. CamRah iPhone Camera Lens Kit

This kit is available for less than $25. It includes an “octopus” style tripod, mount with an extra clip, and 3 photo universal photo lenses (fish eye, wide angle and macro combination). It also comes with a microfiber storage bag. The versatile mount can be used with almost any iPhone device including phones, iPads and iPods. It can also be used with other smartphones.

2. CamKix Camera Lens Set

CamKix’s camera set is available for under $35. The kit includes an iPhone 5, 5s mount, a tripod, elephoto lenses, an iPhone hard case, a velvet bag and a cleaning cloth. The lenses included are
fish eye, macro and wide angle. The mini tripod has extendable and retractable legs that make
positioning easy. There are no adhesives to attach to the phone with its hard protective case. It is a multi-functional kit for great photography.

3. Arbitron Global iPhone Photo Lens Kit

Available for $30, Arbitron’s photo lens kit comes with a tripod, phone clip and 3 lenses. The mount is universal and can be used with nearly any smartphone. It is great for taking indoor or outdoor photos and videos. It has a screw mount that fits most mobile phones. It has a rubberized grip so the phone can be twisted and angled for the best shots. It’s flexible and unique design is easy to set up and is compact for travel. The lenses included in the kit are fish eye, macro and a wide angle combination lens.

4. BLUBOON Camera Lens Kit

Available for $30, BLUBOON’s camera lens kit works with the iPhone 6 plus. The kit includes a phone mount, mini aluminum tripod, 12x telescopic photo lens, a hard case for the phone, a velvet storage pouch and a cleaning cloth. The lens is of high quality and will help photographers create the best pictures.

5. YOPO iPhone Camera Lens Kit

This extensive kit is available for $40. It adapts to the iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 plus. The kit includes
high quality lenses (fish eye, wide angle and macro combination). Just unscrew the macro lens to give wide angle views. The kit comes with hard cases for each of the iPhones with which it works. A mini aluminum tripod and travel case the kit easy to use anywhere. It is easy to use and can be carried anywhere to take beautiful pictures and interesting videos.

Whether as a hobby, a job or the family photographer, taking great photographs and videos using an iPhone is easy to master with a good mount. The kits listed above provide many features to take great photographs or videos with an iPhone. They are easy to use and fun to experiment with. They help users become great photographers.