Best Lighting For Iphone Photography (LED lights)

iPhone photography has become an increasingly popular means of self expression. Although iPhone cameras don’t have to best cameras, there are many kits you can purchase to take better quality photos. With a lens kit you may also want to invest in lighting. With iPhone photography growing as a hobby, there are many new lighting accessories available to ensure you’ll get the perfect shot in your travels.

Best Lighting For Iphone Photography (LED lights)

Best Lighting For Iphone Photography (LED lights)

Bower iSpotlite LED

The iSpotlite by Bower is one of the best lighting accessories on the market for photography and capturing video. It can run for an hour of photo shooting and has over 32 bulbs to illuminate a room or outdoor scene. It has an adapter that snaps on and also can be plugged into the iPhone headphone jack, but it can also connect to any other smartphone. This light is especially good for photographers who expect to be on the go since it’s very small. With the right lens kit the Bower iSpotlite is one of the best when it comes to having an iPhone flash light.

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Manfrotto ML120 LED

The Manfrotto is perfect as a portable lighting source for mobile photographers. For it’s price it’s the perfect lighting source to keep in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. This is a light you can keep just in case you see something you’d like to photograph when you’re unprepared. This lighting source comes with a double shoe mount and lasts about 20 minutes when charged. It 12 LED lights which are great for still shots. This simple flash for iPhone photographers will help any on-the-go artist.

Manfrotto ML240 Mini-24 Camera LED Panel

The Manfrotto ML240 is a step up from the ML 120 for the serious iPhone photographer. It has a 24 bulb LED Panel. It’s very lightweight, but still can generate a lot of light for shoots. It’s slightly bigger so may be more difficult to carry, but is still a manageable size if you’re dedicated to getting proper lighting. One of the great things about this lightining gadget is that you can accessorize it with the other lights to add more light. It takes AAA batteries so it’s easy to keep your shoot energized when you run out of power. Get a lens kit and the ML240 and then you’re set to take great photos.

Knog Expose Smart Bluetooth LED Light

The Knog Expose Smart Bluetooth LED light isn’t only a great product for lighting, but it’s also great for your overall outcome when shooting photos. It’s a source of lightings as well as a lens kit. It can last for over an hour and is rechargeable via USB cable. It has several clips so you can use it as a case or just as a source of light if you have another lens kit you’d like to use with the lighting. It’s a simple and portable solution to not having enough lighting at a shoot.

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ALM mCAMLITE Stabilizer Mount

Much like the Knog, the ALM mCAMLITE Stabilizer Mount is an accessory kit that includes an excellent flash light for iPhone photographers. It comes with a case, mount, and lighting. The LED light is accessible for video and photo. Mobile photography lightining has never been easier. Buying it as a kit includes the 9-bulb LED flash light for photography. The ALM mCAMLITE Stabilizer Mount and LED light will take your photos to the next level with perfect clarity.

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Choosing which lighting to buy for your iPhone should depend on your style and how important portability is to you. With multiple designs and levels of lighting the best purchase for your photography needs is largely dependent upon your lighting preferences. These five models are all reasonably portable and provide quality lighting.


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