Best Selfie Sticks For IPhone

Because we want you, the iPhone owner, to use at maximum the great features of your device, we are here to offer you more advices regarding the best accessories you can use. And as a sequel for the previous article, “Best iPhone Accessories for Photography”, which we also invite to check out, we are treating another ardent issues, the selfie.

Best Selfie Stick for Iphone

As a type photo, it gained a lot of popularity in the past time. Everybody with a profile on a social network would like to share what he or she is doing, in what another way than by posting a selfie. But if you want to include something or someone else in the photo, the selfie can become tricky to make, as the length of your arm is not sufficient. So how can you solve this issue? By using a selfie stick. An accessory that is not expensive and will allow you to take incredible selfies. Here is a review for the best 6 selfie sticks for your iPhone.

Best 6 Selfie Sticks For IPhone


  • Orbit Pro II


It is a selfies stick that will work with success using all types of iPhones. It has the best ratio between quality and price, and it is also very easy to be used. There is no need to download an app or even use a Bluetooth connection, as everything takes place with the help of a small cable, which makes the connection between the stick and your device.


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  • Urpower Pro


An elegant looking device made to fit any size of iPhone. It will extend to a maximum length of 40 inches and will require Bluetooth technology to action the shutter. Thus, don’t forget to check if your selfie stick is charged before going out of a selfie shooting, because if not, you won’t be able to use it. The price is very affordable, and it also comes in two colors, black and pink.


  • Bengoo


In case, you don’t like to be worried about batteries and charging your selfie stick, opt for this type, as it comes with a cable to ensure the functioning of the stick. You can also extend it, as it goes as far as 36 inches. It is a bit smaller than other sticks, but it works perfectly and comes in many color options.


  • Newisland Pro 3-In-1


If you do a little research on this selfie stick, you will see that many people appreciate it. Why? First of all, the grip allows you to feel that the phone will stay secure, without the risk of falling. You can also adjust the head, to try out different shooting angles. So security and mobility are indeed two aspects that always win when choosing accessories for our mobile devices.


  • Mpow iSnap Pro 2-in-1


Another selfie stick with many positive reviews from customers. It is reliable and sturdy, and can be extended up to 38.5 inches. It will also be equipped with a groove, just to make sure the arm of the stick will not twist during usage. The price is also affordable if you are not willing to spend too much on such a device. It will be money well spent.


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  • Noot Groupie


And here is the best selfie stick for people with a lot of friends, because group pictures will be more easily done now. Also, if you like spending a lot of time in the outdoors, the fact that is comes with a cable and does not require charging should be an advantage, as you will never run out of battery. It comes in various colors and with an incredibly affordable price.

We hope that having the information we gathered in this article, you will be able to pick the perfect selfie stick for you. Even though selfie sticks are in trend, it may be quite disappointing if they do not match your expectancies. Also, do keep track with the latest news about iPhones and related accessories, by subscribing to our web page. We will help you take the best out of your mobile device.


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