How to Remove Songs from IPhone

Is the Songs in your  iPhone gone outdated!! Or you want to have  all hot and happening songs in your iPhone or else want to make room for all new personalized song list and don’t know how to get rid of the age old songs stored in your iPhone. Then you have ventured into right place because we all set to let you know how to remove songs from iPhone.

Remove songs from iPhone could appears to be tedious and time consuming , but your are absolutely wrong .You would not believe but removing songs from iPhone is as easy as a cake walk.  You only need to move little bit of  your fingers  and their you done with removing songs from iPhone.

How to remove songs from iPhone??

Removing song from iPhone will take a couple of seconds integrated with few simple steps that you need to know. For your ease we have grouped  all the steps  required to remove songs from iPhone. But before make sure your iTunes Match is disabled.

How to remove songs from iPhone  : one by one !!

You can remove songs from iPhone one by one , by following the given below steps.

  1. First tap on the Settings app icon present on your iPhone screen.
  2. Then choose General option and from there select Usage .
  3. Tap on the option Manage Storage.
  4. Then select the option “Music”to proceed further.
  5. Then hit on the option “ Edit “ and after that  select the songs and album which you need not any more in your iPhone.
  6. At last click delete to remove the songs which are selected from your iPhone.

The songs which you have selected will now get deleted from your iPhone . If you don’t want to remove songs one by one, instead you want to remove all songs at once then you can follow the below given steps.

How to remove songs from iPhone :  All songs together!!

If you want to remove all songs together from your iPhone, then that too is possible. For removing all songs from iPhone together, do the following mention steps .

  1. Tap on the icon of Settings app on your iPhone .
  2. Then select the option “General” from there and then select option “Usage”.
  3. Then hit a tap on the option “Manage Storage”.
  4. Then choose the option of “Music” to proceed further.
  5. Then tap on Edit and enable option “All Songs” , so that all songs will be selected.
  6. Finally hit on delete to remove all the songs from your iPhone.

Now all the songs present in your iPhone will be get removed but wait we are not still winded up. We have another secret weapon  which will help you to remove songs from your iPhone and that secret weapon is iTunes. So let’s have a look on how to remove songs from iPhones  with the help of iTunes itunes.

How to remove songs from iPhone : with the help of iTunes!!

iTunes is another way by which you can remove songs from your iPhone. For removing songs using iTunes you need to plug in your PC with your iPhone.  You can undergo the following steps to remove songs from your iPhone with the help of iTunes.

  1. By using a plug in connect both the devices ie PC and iPhone.
  2. After successfully connecting both the devices, hit on the icon appeared at the left side on the screen of your iPhone.
  3. From there select the option “Music” present  “On My device “.
  4. After that  a long list will be appeared on central panel containing name of various albums, artist and playlist stored on your iPhone. Choose playlist, album, etc which you want to remove  (To choose all the songs , you can use keys clt+A) and then hit on the keys delete/backspace.
  5. After that hit on delete to confirm the action.
  6. At last, hit on Summary on the left side and the Apply to finish.

Now finally you are done with removing songs from your beloved iPhone. If you still facing any of the problem in removing songs from your iPhone, do inform us. We will surely help you in removing songs from your iPhone.


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