Best Iphone Camera Lens – Make your Iphone as Mini DSLR

Photographers have an old adage that says the best camera is one that you already own. In other words, with millions of people owning smartphones around the world, most of them are never a foot away from their cameras. The iPhone can produce stunning images, and that’s a fact that even National Geographic comprehends. However, this doesn’t mean your iPhone camera lens is all-sufficient. In fact, as with every machine out there, your iPhone lens can’t be 100% perfect!

Best Iphone Camera Lens

An increasing number of lens kits for iPhone are coming up in the market these days, and the purpose is to help the user get close-up details for the images they are trying to capture. Others like the Fisheye lens for iphone, help users capture images from a 180 degrees field of view.

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The Fisheye lens for iPhone also delivers expansive landscapes or what photographers call scenes. There are even other types of iPhone camera lenses that are designed as telephoto lenses, thanks to the new lens technology that tries to refine what iPhone users already have in their phones.

And therefore, it emerges that the best kind of investment that one can make is to pick a kit that gives the flexibility/versatility of multiple lenses — of course not forgetting a perfect image quality.

The variety of lens kits available in the market

No doubt iPhone lovers who want to work with stunning images should be spoiled with choices in this era of lens kits. Most of them provide the Fish-eye feature as part of their functionality. However, there’s provision for wide-angle and macro lenses as well. These lenses work with both front and rare cameras.

As you can see, competition is stiff among iPhone camera lens manufacturers. Most of them offer multiple types of lenses for the user’s convenience. These are attached via a simple threaded screw mount. And when it comes to portrait lenses, the competition is heavy towards the best iPhone camera lens that will produce the least chromatic aberration.

Of course it is also worth noting that some lens kits are created with all-round functionality in mind. A good iPhone lens kit, for instance, will protect your phone from dust, keep it safe up to 33 feet of water, while still letting the user call, text or take their favorite photos.

If these features are combined with 3X or higher super-wide angle lenses, the user is automatically granted the freedom of capturing expansive vistas at their convenience. Again, the water-resistance feature in some of these kits make it possible for one to go surfing or swimming with their iPhone.

Some lens kit manufacturers also include things like circular polarizer which eliminates distracting elements during photo sessions. These distracting elements may include glare or reflection that may spoil the quality of photos. But while these elements are eliminated, color saturation is focused on, thus a user is able to enjoy the best quality that the iPhone can deliver.

Here’s a quick review for the top 5 iPhone camera lenses and kit

(a) Olloclip 4 in 1 lens for iPhone 6 and 6 plus

When this model was released for the previous generation iPhone 5, it was a favorite among consumers. Today, the company has an upgraded version for iPhone 6 and 6 plus users. The revamped style features macro lenses, wide-angle, and Fisheye for both the front and rare cameras.

Image quality is very strong, plus buyers are provided with 3 types of carrying options. There’s an attachable key-chain clip, cloth drawstring, and lanyard bag. The lens has garnered an impressive 4 stars among users online. The only disadvantage is that this lens kit is priced beyond the $70 mark — something that doesn’t just sit well with most consumers.

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(b) Manfrotto Klyp 3 lens kit

It was voted the best portrait lens for iPhone. Though pricier than the Olloclip model, its case-based solution offers fisheye, landscape, and portrait lens which attach to the phone via a threaded screw mount. Again, it scores very high in the category of the best portrait lenses in the market as users vote 4 stars and above.

(c)  iZZi Orbit Pro

iZZi’s Orbit Pro lens is a casing that has fixed lenses on a rotating mount.This set of lens cost of $230 and is greatly convenient, you can use two set of casing.Its dramatic perspectives and high-quality performance give you no excuses to take a bad photo ever again. For the more serious mobile shooter, and more serious phone protection, the Orbit Pro brings the ultimate A-game for your Iphone 5/5S.

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(d) Olloclip telephoto lens for iPhone

It was voted 5 stars among the best traditional telephoto lenses that have been tested, thanks to its 2X magnification, sharpness and least image distortion. It significantly eliminated glare and reflection when shooting photos, leaving users with color-rich photos. However, the steep $100 price will put off most consumers.

(e) Moment wide lens

If you’re looking for the best image quality iPhone lens, perhaps this one will serve the purpose. The images are shot from a lens featuring 18mm wide angle and 60mm telephoto components. The build quality is superb, plus it works with a range of Apple products. It’s also compatible with a huge number of iPhone cases. Users continue to vote it 4 stars and above.

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If you’re in the market for a good lens kit for iPhone, it’s going to be tough trying to pick the very best camera lens. That’s because no lens kit offers all-in-one features, but rather, different kits have varying abilities in terms of what they can do. On the other hand, the most expensive ones may not be affordable to some consumers yet, hence they will always want to go for the low-end iPhone lens kits instead. But regardless of what you go for, make sure the features you need are present. Also, it doesn’t harm going for what you can afford.


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