How To Resolve or Fix iTunes Error 52

Here i find the simplest way to fix Itunes Error 52. Since you found your way to this page i will go ahead and assume that at least Itunes is not working properly its must have some errors.

You also might have discovered a lot of errors while using iTunes , if not then you are lucky enough!!  But I know most of you won’t be that much lucky and must have encountered one or the other iTunes error. Some of such monstrous errors are error -98xx, error -50xx, error -32xx, error -31xx, error -9815, and many other . Amongst them iTunes error 52 is the most common you can encountered with . iTunes error 52 makes me pissed off and I hate iTunes for it. So finally I decided to work a little bit on it to find a solution for iTunes error 52.

Iphone-How-To-Resolve or-resolve-rectify-solve-Fix-iTunes-Error-52
How To Resolve or Fix iTunes Error 52

But before telling you the right fix for your problem iTunes error 52, you need to know whether your device really suffering from iTunes error 52 or from any other error. Here are some of the symptoms of iTunes error 52 .

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What is  iTunes Error 52

  1. First and foremost a pop will appear on screen displaying  “ iTunes error code 52 “ .
  2. If you found no such pop then also you can identify iTunes error 52. Your active program crashes out , that indicates that you caught up with iTunes error 52.
  3. Or might be your PC hanged up periodically for a couple of seconds.
  4. Or else your windows response to keyboard and mouse input is like a turtle’s walk.

So, if you facing any of such problem , surely you caught up in iTunes error 52 . You can get this error at time of Windows booting up or shutting down or at time of installation , while running iTunes or at any other point of time. Keep a record of the error so that you can troubleshoot them easily.

For troubleshooting iTunes error 52 it is equally important to know its causes because prevention is better than cure. You can prevent the iTunes error 52 , if you can diagnosis the causes. Here is the list of probable causes of iTunes error 52 .

  1. Malware or viruses could be one of the causes.  Some of the files related to windows or iTunes might by corrupted by viruses.
  2. Due to recent iTunes updates , some windows registry might corrupt.
  3. Some iTunes related programs or files get deleted mistakenly or maliciously by another program.
  4. Incomplete download or installation of iTunes.

Now after knowing the causes and symptoms of iTunes error 52, you are all set ready to fix iTunes error 52 .

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How to fix iTunes error 52 ??

To get rid of iTunes error 52 or to fix iTunes error 52 , you need to perform the below mentioned steps. Be sure to perform them one by one and don’t get panic because it is a lil bit time consuming .

  1. Scan your full computer for a malware .
  2. Update device drivers present in your computer to the latest version.
  3. Uninstall the iTunes program suffering from iTunes 52 and then reinstall it.
  4. Update your Windows with the latest updates.
  5. Registry Entries should be repaired , where you receiving iTunes error 52 .
  6. Use disk cleaner to clear all junks (folders and files which are temporary ) present in your system  .

Note –  This steps on how to fix iTunes error 52 is applied to  Vista ,Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Hope you have surely found a fix of your iTunes error 52. If you still facing any trouble in solving iTunes error 52 , do comment us. We will be happy to help you.


19 responses to “How To Resolve or Fix iTunes Error 52”

  1. 1. My ipad 3 is giving the error msg 52 while restoring when connected to iTunes
    Extracting software successfully
    Verifiying software successfully
    Restoring ipad Sofftware successfully
    verifying ipad software successfully
    Restoring ipad firmware (Failed ) error 52 , please help me to fix this

    1. cycoshas Avatar

      Mail sent !!

      1. Johan Lie Avatar
        Johan Lie

        mine too have the same problem with Jabeer. please help me Cycoshas. Thank you

  2. NelsonH Avatar

    I got the same problem as JABEER, mine is an iphone 6, and I use mac instead of windows.
    Please, if you could help me solve this

  3. Hello, My Iphone 6 change its status to searching service; after this came, I tried restarting my Iphone for a few times before taking the sim card out, but it would only keep on searching service. I thought a solution would be to restore the phone, but now my phone would go on itunes like:
    Extracting software successfully
    Verifying software successfully
    Restoring Iphone software successfully
    Verifying Iphone software successfully
    Restoring Iphone firmware failed, and it pops error 52, I don’t know what to do; I’ve been searching for potential solutions, but the only ones I find are to use on windows, and I use OS from apple.
    Please help

    1. Crystal Avatar

      Hey Steven,

      I have the exact same problem except I have an iPhone 5c. Did you find a solution to your iPhone problem. I would really appreciate it.


      1. Steven Avatar

        To be honest, I haven’t found a solution, and I probably won’t find one; I was told that this error comes up when one of the components inside the phone is broken, and it appears to be really hard to know which one it is.
        I was told that if you go to an Apple Store, they’ll try to fix it, and if they don’t and you’re on warranty they’ll replace your iPhone; unfortunately, I leave in a country with no Apple Store, so I have to sent my phone away and wait. Once I know if this works, I’ll post it in here

    2. Martin Hoffmann Avatar
      Martin Hoffmann

      i have the same problem with my iphone 5, any help?

    3. Hi Steven

      Any luck? i am having the same issue as yours..

  4. Michael Avatar


    I got the same problem with my ipad 3. i was updating to IOS9.3.1 when this happened. tried all possible solutions found online but still unsuccessful.

    I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

  5. Michael Avatar


    i’m also having the exact problem. i’ve been trying all the possible solutions found on line but still no luck.

    Any resolution for this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  6. Michael Avatar


    I have the same exact problem. I have done and tried all the possible solutions found online but still no luck in fixing my Ipad.

    My device is Ipad 3 GSM.

    I would appreciate any help to get this Ipad working again.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. fullmovies Avatar

    i have the same error on a iphone 5.

  8. I am having the same problem Error 52 when trying to restore iPhone 6

  9. I am having the same problem Error 52 when trying to restore iPhone 6. I am using a MacBook Pro

  10. jozdjengiz Avatar

    Same here. Macbook Air and iPhone 5. Some sites discussed whether it could be a warranty issue. It’s the manufacturer’s fault the stupid error is there to begin with! And of course the sim isn’t matching any other regular phone I have floating about. Annoying.

  11. the same here, i have tried it with several computers and nothing worked

  12. Hello I’m having the same problem restoring and iPad 3
    Could you help me with some sort of solution?
    Greatly appreciated

  13. Peter Onkeo Avatar
    Peter Onkeo


    Any update on this error, apple seems to be ignoring it.
    I have the same exact problem, tried all the possible solutions found online but still no luck in fixing my Ipad.
    My device is Ipad 3 GSM.

    Thanks in advance.

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