Best Typo Keyboard for Iphone

Android has given iOS a close knit fight over the years and its user always flaunts for its relatively more open OS and larger availability of customization.  But now its turn of Apple users to flaunt because for the first time apple allows third party keyboard for iPhone.

With the introduction of all new blemishing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in the market, Apple has finally open the gates for third party vendor keyboard to be used with iOS 8.  Now the Apple user need not to be stuck with the traditional inbuilt keyboard but can opt for any of the available third party keyboard app. So how to choose the right fit for your iPhone?? As Typo Keyboard  is quiet famous for android so here we collect Best Typo Keyboard for Iphone.

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To help you select the right keyboard app for your iPhone, we  did some homework to find the available keyboard apps for your iPhone and amongst them we stack the best out of the box just right here for you.

Best Typo Keyboard for Iphone

Best Typo Keyboard for Iphone
Best Typo Keyboard for Iphone

Below we have pooled some of the best keyboard app you must want to have them on your iPhone . Let’s check it out one by one .

  • SwiftKey (free) : Swiftkey is one of the strongest contender in its field and the most loved one amongst android users. You can trace the similar hype for it amongst the iPhone users too. It offers you auto correction and word prediction capabilities, by synchronizing with your social networking sites like Twitter, facebook, Gmail, etc and believe me it casino provides you one of the best text predictive capabilities.

Apart from auto correction and word prediction, it also offers swipe typing with single  handed, that very few apps support.

On the flip side there is some limitations imposed on it by Apple (since it is a third party app).  You cannot use this app to reply message or input password when the screen was locked (as available with inbuilt keyboard) nor you can use inbuil voice dictation available with iOS.

  • Fleksy : Flesky is not just a keyboard, but it is a complete powerhouse. It is a complete package which you must want to have on you iPhone. It supports multiple languages , auto-correction , extension, gestures ,and predictive text.  It has the ability to learn the way you type by synchronizing with social networking.
  • Swype : Don’t type, Just Swype!!  Swype popularly known for  its swipe style typing for Android. As soon as the Apple allows third party venture for keyboard, Swype tried his best to be available for iOS 8.

Swype supports a tons of languages and a number of key board layouts like AZERTY, QWERTZ and QWERTY . It has an inbuilt dictionary for word prediction and adding words. It comes up with a couple of themes for customization.

  • Themeboard ( Free ) : If you are more conscious about styling then Themeboard is the right app for you.  Themeboard as the name suggest is all about theme. Its primary focus is on customization and provides with a large number of themes, though only a couple of them are free.  The Emoji bar which comes in built , makes Themeboard even more attractive for the  users.
  • Minuum : Minuum is a bit costly app relative to its counterparts. But it worth it!!It can do things which other apps cant. The best amongst them is that it can shrink the whole keyboard at the bottom of the screen into one compact line of letters and still gets the right text for you with the help of predictive texting.

It comes with a personal dictionary where you can easily add and remove words from your keyboard. The keyboard can even predict emoji’s that suits your gesture perfectly .

Here we gonna end our choices of best Typo keyboard app available for iPhone . I truly assure you that you will never regret to have any of the above keyboard app on your iPhone app.


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