How to delete songs from iPhone

Its always great to have the songs and albums of your favorite singer in your hand . But over the time you might felt the need to delete the song or albums from iPhone . That might be because you got bored from it or may be feeling some space shortage ( especially in case of 8GB iphone model ), or any other reason.

How to delete songs from iPhone

Getting  rid from these unwanted songs from iPhone looks like a tedious task. But believe me it is not!!  Deleting songs from your iPhone is just like a cake walk, you just have to follow the below given steps. But before deleting  you have to make sure whether iTunes  Match is disabled or not . If not then you have to make it disabled. For this you have to go in Settings then  tap on  iTunes & App Stores option  followed by iTunes Match. Make sure that it is disabled!!

How to delete songs from iPhone : all songs at once!!

You can delete all songs stored on your iPhone at once. For this you have to

  1. Select the setting app available on your iPhone.
  2. Then go to General. From there chose Usage.
  3. Click on Manage Storage option.
  4. After that tap on Music.
  5. Then click on Edit and at last on All Songs.
  6. Finally click on delete to delete all songs.

How to delete songs from iPhone : one at a time !!

If you do not wish to delete all of them at once , instead you want to delete only few of them then you can do this also. You just have to do as mentioned below .

  1. Go to Setting app in your iPhone.
  2. Then tap on general and followed by Usage.
  3. Tap on Manage Storage option .
  4. Then tap on Music
  5. Instead of selecting option of All Songs , simply choose the album or song  which you want to delete from your iPhone.
  6. Tap on delete to delete the selected song or album

Alternative Method :-  You can delete the album which you wish to be . For this run the Music app , go to the desired album and swipe to the left side  to delete it.

How to delete songs from iPhone  using iTunes ?

You can also delete song from your iPhone by using iTunes. But for this you required to plug in your iPhone with your computer . You can delete songs from iPhone using iTunes by performing the following steps  :-

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Computer with a plug in.
  2. After connecting iPhone with your PC , tap on icon displayed on the left top corner of the iPhone screen.
  3. Then choose Music  option from On My Device.
  4. Now a list of various playlist ,albums and  artists  stored on your iPhone will be shown on central panel. Select the song which you want to delete (if want to select all the song then press clt+A) and then press delete key/ backspace.
  5. Now a pop will come to confirm your action. Tap on delete to confirm the action and you done with deleting songs in your iPhone.
  6. To finish , tap on Summary which is displayed at left top and then click Apply  .

Note :-  Deleted songs will be still available to you as long as they are in iTunes library because you are deleting them from your iPone and not from your computer. SO you can retrieve them at any time you want it.

These are some of the simple methods through which you can delete songs from your iPhone and get rid of them . But I personally recommend you the last one. What’s  your way of deleting the song  , do let us know!! We are waiting to hear from you.


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