How to fix ” facetime not working ” problem ??

Face time is one of the finest app you could have for video calling in Apple devices. Face time app is like cherry on the cake , which provides you free calling amongst Apple devices over 3g/4g or Wi-FI network.  Just take out your iPhone and dial up a number using Face time and enjoy free audio and video conversation with your friend .

How to fix ” facetime not working ” problem ??

Despite offering exuberant features , many a times face time users complain that they have faced Face time not working problem or face times not connecting issue or any other problem users are facing while using face time. If you are amongst them, then you are at right place. No need to get panic if you are facing any of such problems while using face time . Because we have come up with solutions on how to solve or  fix “Face time not working” problem!!

Fixes for  “ face time not working “ problem

Here we have prepared a stack of all possible solution or  fixes for “ Face time not working “  problem and they are so basic that even a new user can do them very easily  to fix the Face time not working problem. Let’s have a look on them one by one  .

  • Update your apple device to the  latest iOS :-

Make sure your Apple device is working on the latest version of iOS. If not then do update the iOS of your Apple device to the latest version of iOS available.

  • Check your internet connection :-

Make sure that your Apple device is connected to internet through Wi-fi or 3g/4g network.

  • Check whether cellular data is enables or not :-

Face time works best on a fast network. But if you want to use Face time over slower cellular data , for this you have to make sure that your cellular data is enabled on  in face time or not. To check this tap on Settings app -> Cellular-> use cellular data and then enable it by tapping on slider.

  • Check Date and time :-

Check that date and time in your apple device is correctly set or not. If not then you can set the date and time by going in Setting ->General -> date and time and then tap on Set automatically to set date and time automatically.

  • Check face time is turned on :-

Check whether face time is turned on or not in your device. You can check whether face time is turned on or not by tapping on setting -> face time and then turn face time on.

  • Reset your Face time :-

If on signing in your face time account, your device say waiting for activation and hangs up , then you need to reset you device . For this you have to turn it off and then again on. You can do this by tapping on Settings -> face time and then turn it off to make it off and then turn it ON to start it again .

  • Check the email id and phone number  :-

Check the email id and phone number and make sure whether they are listed correctly or not.

  • Restart your device :-

If at last nothing works then restart your device. Long press  Sleep or wake button on your device and then select  Power off to switch of the device. Once the device is off again,  use Sleep or wake button to switch on the device.

Now I hope you might get a solution or a fix for Face Time not working problem. If you still faces the Face Time not working problem please share with us we will definitely try to help you out !! or else if you a better solution , don’t forget to share with us.


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