Android Pay vs Apple Pay comparison

Still carry hard cash or digital cards with you?? If your answer is yes then you should have a look on this blog so that next time when you want to pay you need not have to fumble into your pockets. You can do it very easily with your smart phone devices in just few seconds!! Isn’t that sounds great !!

So let’s have a glance of the available options with us through which we can actually make our payment hassle free. We have to big names i.e one is Android Pay and the other one is Apple Pay . Now which one to choose from and which one is better ?? This is a big question. Since there is question , so there must be a solution and we have the solution , just to help you out.

Android Pay vs Apple Pay comparison

We have compared and compiled our research on the topic “ Android Pay vs Apple Pay comparison : which one is better “ and jot down the following given facts so to make easier for you to decided which one is better is it Android Pay or is it Apple Pay??

First let’s have a look on Android pay and its features  :-

Android Pay offers you payment method on just a single tap and then you are done. No need to fumble into your wallet  . You even need not to open up the app, just take you phone to merchants terminal , tap , rest leave it on Android Pay and get relax . Payment confirmation is also displayed on the screen and you can also get the whole transaction details right there on your phone.

Not only this , but with selected retailers , special offers and loyalty points will be automatically applied at the time of checkout. For instance , if you buy a Coke using Android pay at vending machine, then automatically your MyCokeRewards (if any in your account) will be applied at the time of payment.

Android Pay also enables you with its another amazing feature of making online payment or purchases . Now you need not to enter your debit or credit cards details every time you want to make a payment. Just integrate Android pay with your bank app , and all your debit and credit card details will be added into your Android Pay .

After providing so many features, it also stands on aspect of security and since it is  online mode , it needs to be.  When you made a payment at merchant’s shop using , then Android pay instead of sending your debit card or credit card’s real actual detail , it just send a virtual number . This Virtual number contains all your account information. This is how your debit and credit cards details are kept safe.

Now let’s talk about Apple pay and its features : –

Apple Pay is a good alternative for Android Pay only if you have iPhone , iPad or Apple Watch  . Apple revolutionized the payment making with contactless payment technology and excellent security inbuilt features in your handy device i.e  iPhone which you carry with you every time.

Its now easier to pay in store . The payment will be done with Touch ID . To pay, you have to just need one touch.  For paying you even need not to open the app , thanks to the new “Near Field Communication Antenna “ a new innovation introduced in iPhone 6. While paying, keep your iPhone near the contactless reader and put your finger on Touch ID. Then relax and wait and your payment will be done. You will notified with beep and vibration when your payment will be done successfully.

Even Apple pay offers you security at its best. Apple doesn’t share your card details with the merchant . Instead it assign a unique Device Account Number, securely encrypted and stored on a chip in your iPad , iPhone and Apple watch. This code is never stored on Apple server . The time you make a payment , that Device Account Number along with a security code is used to make your payment. So your real debit or credit card details are safe.

Android Pay vs Apple Pay comparison : which one is better

Both Android pay and Apple pay has its pros and cons . If you are an Apple user then you have an option of using Apple Pay but not all the version of Apple Pay supports this feature. You should not have anything less than iPhone 6 to use it. On the flip side Android Pay is available for Android platform but not for all android devices. The device should have Android 4.4 Kitkat or above and have NFC .

So it’s difficult to decide who is better over the other. Because both using similar security technique, same basic technology and providing the same service. But We will give Android pay an edge over because you can use it for an older version of the Phone while Apple Pay is only available for the latest version of iPhone.


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