Top cloud services to download torrents or Alternative of ZbigZ

Earlier I discuss about how to download torrent files on Iphone or Torrents Downloader Apps for Iphone, Now in this post i am going to share you about how to download torrent file directly without the torrent clients. Its also the possible solution where torrent is blocked.

When you are accessing internet from the restricted zone like Offices, college, school etc its most helpful way to download the torrent files. ISPs and network administrators often block access to P2P file sharing services like torrents; especially when you’re accessing the Internet from restricted zones(colleges).

Beside it, Its also the best solution of downloading torrent files speedly because when you are  downloading torrent file from cloud services, Speed of downloading will not depend on seeders and peers.

Top-cloud-services-to-download-torrents-or-Alternative-of -ZbigZ
Top cloud services to download torrents or Alternative of ZbigZ

Top cloud services to download torrents

How you can download torrent files on Iphone or Ipad(No need of Jailbreaking) directly – Actually Cloud services cache or stored the torrents fles directly in the cloud. Once the torrent content is available in cloud storage, you can save them to your computer or mobile device using any suitable web browser or download manager. Most famous Cloud services used fr above scenario is  is ZbigZ.

ZbigZ –  Its a free torrent client that runs in a web browser, which means no software download is needed, though ZbigZ is ad supported, it lets you resume paused downloads and helps protect your privacy. ZbigZ brings unique unparalleled power of cloud service and torrents together to bring you the fastest ever possible download speed.

ZbigZ is always the best for downloading torrent files with high speed and less complexities. I am always in favor  to use zbigz because of its high speed torrent caching for premium members but for a Free user like me Zbigz just can’t help us anyway(for free user its max speed is just 150KBPS ).

Sometimes ZbigZ server is down or also its limited download speed for free user we are going to share a list of Alternative of ZbigZ.

Top 8 cloud services to download torrents or Alternative of  ZbigZ

  •  Boxopus – Its simply the best and free alternative of ZbigZ , its premium account have no speed limit which make it super cool alternative of ZbigZ, Use Internet Download manager or DOWNTHEMALL Firefox Addon for tweaking download speed
  • Putdrive – Putdrive is the most stable server and provide you the fastest speed for downloading. It supports 90+ file sharing sites as well as Torrents. Its a new website for downloading torrent files and premium solution for downloading.


  • Filestream – Its not a fully free , its premium account is start from 2$ only.I will recommend you to buy Bulk Premium Purchase for 12 months and you will get 20% discounts on regular price. Prices are also much less than zbigz premium.


  • – is another online service to store your big files and a combined bit torrent. It serves to download and add torrent into your own, personal, private online storage. It is capable to see RSS feeds to download automatically and make the downloaded files accessible in a lot of ways via application originated by volunteers.


  • Filestream Filestream is the best ZbigZ alternative regarding quality server and download speed. Download your favorite torrent files with Filestream with Super Fast Speed.What I like most is that Filestream allows to download from many File Sharing sites like 4shared,netload etc


  • – I like that you don’t need to download anything and all the torrents you add to your account are accessible from any browser. Also, you can choose to receive emails when torrents are cached, which is a nice feature for when you’re away from your computer


  • For using you must be register on it(facebook  signin option avaliable). is best for downloading large torrent file , its provide moderate(600KBPS) speed to download the content.


  • – I put it in last just because its in russian language, apart from it work excellently. You need a Russian Ip to download the content, Also Google translator will also help you for using Bruzzy.



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