How to Watch TV on Iphone

This post is especially for all you couch potatoes. Now you need not to miss even a sec of all our favorite TV shows even when you are on a go . It could be “Vampire Dairies” or any of our favorite show , movies , or anything else ; all are now in your hand..

But the first question that comes to your mind would be, ”How to watch tv  on iPhone”? if you are iphone user, All you need is , install a good tv app on your iphone from the tons of available app and then can watch tv seamlessly in your iPhone. Now you  might be thinking how to choose or select the best  TV app for your iphone. Don’t worry , just for you we compiled some of the best tv apps that you must want to have on  your iPhone . So here our  list of best TV apps for your iphone goes :-

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Best Apps for How to Watch TV on Iphone

Best Apps for How to Watch TV on Iphone
  • Bloomberg : Tv is not all about serials , shows and movies;  even you can watch news also. This app is specially to cater the needs of businessmen, who have to keep their eye on the news every now on then. It is support 146 news channel across 72 countries and provide 24 hour access to news. Bloomberg  provide access to business and financial news across the globe.  It also provide profile tracking  and market data tool from the most trusted sources around the  world. Personalize the data and information according to your preference so that you can access it quickly.
  • Hulu  : The next app in our list is Hulu Plus. It is a great app which provide unlimited instant streaming of about one thousand sec of current shows and library tv shows and awesome hit movies whenever you want at just $7.99/ month. You can watch episodes of many hit show like Marvel’s agent, The bachelor, Empire, Park and Recreation and many more. Not only current season’s episode but also episode of reality show of previous season are also available to watch like that of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Top chief, Some kids programs , latino series , Hulu Original and even more than this.

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  • Netflix : None other then can be on top of our list other then Netflix  and same as do experts believe that. It is  the world’s leading service provider for  TV episodes and movies on your  devices. The Netfix app commits to provide best experience for mobile tv anytime and anywhere. If you are a netfix member then you will get this app absolutely free for watching TV and movies instantly on your iPhone. But if you are not a member of netfix then do register for it, and then can use it on your iphone  with one- month free trial.
  • Charter tv : Charter tv app offers you to watch 43 live channels on your iPhone  anywhere and anytime, and  when connected to wi-fi  home network of charter you can enjoy more the 150 channels.  You can watch shows both online and offline . You can download your favorite tv show and movies so you can watch  them later on even without having internet connection. Charter tv also comes pre loaded with some extra features like tv control so that you can like what you are watching, search for your favorite Tv shows from Tv guide.   Add favorite shows to watch list and you can schedule them for recording too.

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  • Bravo now : Bravo now is now all here in your hand!! You can watch all the episode of Bravo, including the latest episode and evn some older ones also. You have to just login in with your  television service provider account  and then enjoy the show anywhere on the go. Not just tv shows this app offers something much more then any other app like special clips,  trivia, clips, interview, photos, polls, and much more. You can also share your interest with your family and friend by using Twitter, Facebook or Email!
  • Hotstar : Watch the latest TV Shows, Movies and LIVE sports on your iOS device completely free of charge! No sign up fees, or registration required. Access full-length episodes of your favourite shows, full-length Bollywood, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali movies in addition to live cricket streaming

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Here we end up with “How to watch tv on  iphone”. I hope you do  gonna love our apps for watching tv. So  go and get them all and start watching all your favorite show . But remember to visit our blog daily.


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