Torrent Downloader Apps for Iphone

Apple has glaringly banned all apps related to bit torrent in apple app store, ever since now. However , few months earlier a Bit torrent managed to get place in the plethora of Apple apps in Apple app store . But to keep out of any trouble and issues, downloading of selected  things from legal sources are allowed by the developers of the app.

Earlier, the apple rejected a dozen of apps from being adding into its app store and defended  himself by saying that their torrent apps are not allowed because these category of offs will lead to infringing of a third party right and Apple never gonna support this.

Torrent Downloader App for Iphone

Still we tried our level best and find some of the torrent downloader ( either official or un-official ) for your iPhone.  Below you can see our list of torrent downloader for iPhone

Top Torrent Downloader Apps for Iphone

  • Blue Downloader  :  Recently a new member has been added into apple app’s store, and its really the most awaited one. This member is a Bit torrent named as “Blue Downloader”. This app provides a built in browser to allows users add and control torrent downloading . This torrent downloading app can be downloaded directly on your iPhone.

This app works pretty well with your iPhone, but it had one major drawback  i.e restricted access. This app allows you downloading only from a few trusted sources. Accessing  Kickass torrents or The Pirate Bay file wont work but you can surely access the white listed sites like Bitlove, Linuxtracker and freely. For using this app, you just need to go to apple store and downloaded it for a cost of $ 2.99 only and if you need to download this app freely then you can download this app from torrent 😛

  • iTransmission 4.6 :  iTransmission  4.6 is the latest version of iTransmission  and the best one to be used. Apart from downloading, iTransmission  4.6 version yields more advantageous amongst other similar apps.

“Insomnia” a great feature offered by this app which allows torrent files downloading evenif you exit the app. This version of iTransmission comes with UI improvement and bug fixes. User friendly environment and sharp graphics are added to make user interaction soothing . Usually , iTransmission can be run on a jail break iPhone device made available by Cydia . But recently , it is made available to run on a non- jailbreak device, all thanks and credit goes to a website called as “”.

Before downloading iTransmission directly into your iPhone, you need to follow certain methods and steps to get it  perfectly installed on your iphone. This is because of the air-tight policy of apples against torrent downloading app for iPhone.But you need not to worry because ,we are providing you step by step procedure on how to download and install it on your iPhone.

Steps to download and install itransmission 4.6- torrent downloader for iPhone

  1. Start  Safari browser
  2. Open “”
  3. Click on “Apps” and then search for “iTransmission 4.6 App” from the lsit of available apps.
  4. Click on iTransmission and then tap on install. Then a pop will come, again click install .
  5. But their you will find that apps is not getting install. For this you have to the setting of your iPhone and change the current time of your iPhone.
  6. Tap on “Date and Time” option available in Setting of your iPhone, and then turn Off “Set automatically”. Then set  date which is at least 3 months back.
  7. After adjusting the setting, move out of it and then you will find your iTransmission 4.6  torrent will start installing.
  8. After installing, visit any of the torrent website like Kickass and then download any of the torrent file as per your choice.
  9. After that you will receive a pop-up at the right corner of your iphone with an option “Open in iTransmission”. Click on the option.
  10. When you click on the option available, iTransmission 4.6 open ups and the torrent file which you want to download will start downloading in the app.

This is all with torrent  downloader app for iPhone.  Hope this app will work well with your iPhone and you can enjoy downloading your favorite stuff. For any question and queries do comment!!

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12 responses to “Torrent Downloader Apps for Iphone”

  1. Hi,
    This post is amazing. I can download the iTransmission through date trick from iemulators, but i cant install it. It shows error:
    Cannot be installed at this time.
    Please help on this

    1. cycoshas Avatar

      Get download itransmission from Torrent sites…. that will surely run without any error


        1. Try this Torrent Search Engine

      2. Thanks this method working for me

  2. I am unable to download this app in my Iphone 6

    1. cycoshas Avatar

      Can you tell me the exact error ??

  3. After the date trick also itransmission could not be installin in my device the error show lik unable to download itransmission at this time nu

  4. Grandious Jam Avatar
    Grandious Jam

    I think using cloud torrents is easier. I have good experience with, but there is plenty of them around.

  5. Hey i cannot download the app

  6. krakyland Avatar

    thx buddy, its a while im looking for this and finally i got it

  7. Oh man, it’s working, thanks

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