How to Create Iphone Ringtone from any Song

How to Create Iphone Ringtone from any Song o261 3012070

When an iPhone rings, People around you including you started looking into their pockets to give a glance on their iPhones to check whether the cal is on their iphone up or the ring is coming from someone else iphone. The best way to resist from such situation and to make sure that the iPhone which rings up belongs to me is to set up a customized ringtone.

So the question which comes to your mind after reading this is how to customize and set the ringtones in iPhone. You may think it could be difficult but believe me its not that hard. You can easily customize and set any song as a ring tone on your iPhone.

How to Create Iphone Ringtone from any Song

There are several ways by which you can customize and set any ring tone on your iPhone . But here we brings the best among them just for you.

Best Way to Create Iphone Ringtone from any Song

  • Ringtones with iTunes
  1. Go to iTunes , then right click the song which you want to set as a ring tone. Then click on “get info”.
  2. Then select on tab option and click the start and stop time to adjust the time of song when to start and where to stop it. (Remember that maximum length of the song should not be more then 30sec.)
  3. Then tap OK.
  4. Again right click on the song track and then select the option to “create AAC version”
  5. If you don’t find an option of create AAC version then you can click on the menu option display at the top left corner of your itunes and select preferences. Then tap on import settings and select Import using AAC Encoder.
  • Copy and save the AAC version file created of the song , at your preferred location by right clicking on the file.
  • After that delete the AAC version file from iTunes.
  1. Now rename the file by right clicking on it and change the extension to .m4r from .m4a.
  2. Now you have to add this .m4r file to iTunes library. For doing this either double click or drag the file in the source column of iTunes. This will automatically add ringtone into ringtones folder.
  3. Now you are almost done. Just you need to sync your iPhone. For doing this connect iPhone with Itunes . Then select iPhone icon on the top left corner, then click tones and then tick either the option of ALL Tones or Selected tones. If you choose the selected tones then tick on the ringtone you recently created. Then select Sync button when you are done with selecting tone.
  • At last go to setting app. From their select sound and the Ringtone and finally select the desired ringtone from the list.

Ringtone Maker (iPhone)

You can even customize and set ringtone using some brilliant available apps in your app store. One amongst such app is Ringtone Maker.

  • Ringtone Maker is an iphone aap which you can download from apple Appstore. It is free to download and use.
  • Then choose the song which you want to set as a ringtone on your iPhone and add it by using note button.
  • Trim the part of the song which you want to set as ring tone. Then save the ringtone. Note :- It should be of length 30sec.
  1. To install ringtone on your iphone synchronize it with iTunes.
  2. Save the file at the desired location on your Mac or PC.
  3. Then copy the file to iTunes library.
  • Transfer this file again to your iPhone and the go to setting app to set it as a ring tone.

Note: Detailed procedure on how to do these actions are given in this app with screenshot. So you can take help of them also.

Free- (PC/Mac)

For both Mac and PC users Free- is also a good option. By using this site you can customize a ringtone and that too without using any additional tool. It is easy and fast to use.

  1. Go to the website and select “Make Ringtone”.
  2. Then click either on upload a mp3 file or enter URL from YouTube so to get the song from Youtube video.
  • The select the desired part of the song drag yellow square on the uploaded song.
  1. Then select “Create Ringtone” .
  2. Afterward select “download for iPhone”. This will automatically download file on your device.
  3. Add the downloaded file to your iTunes library and the move it to your iPhone.

This is it. Now next time when an iPhone rings don’t get fumble and let the people around you get amazed to see your personalized ringtone.



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