Learning App as Educational Games for Kids

Learning App as Educational Games for Kids

Kids are more attracted towards Mobiles, Ipads  and other electronic gadgets. They just enjoy playing with them whether they are busy  with a game or any other kind of app. So, you can make your smart phone a method to make them learn that too in an easy and enjoyable manner. Here are some Learning Apps(Educational Games for Kids) which makes your Iphone a perfect toy for your Child. A world with lot of learning possibilities awaits in your ipad or Iphone. Who can ever imagine that you can find so much knowledge into a device so thin and light?
The App Store brings a treasure of such kind of apps(Learning App as Educational Games for Kids). You can find over 75,000 educational ipad apps for kid’s learning that covers a wide range of subjects from every hook and corner.

Learning App as Educational Games for Kids

Here we bring some awesome Ipad apps for kid’s learning that parents must have them on their ipad.

Learning App as Educational Games for Kids

  • Animal Pants :-

Have you seen panda wearing pants? But in this app you can see it. This is an incredible app for your preschooler to make them learn matching skill in terms of size . The kids have to help animals to find the matching pants of their size. The app is also available in five different languages i.e English, Spanish, French, and German.

  • Kids ABC Letters Lite:-

This app Help your kids learn alphabets with fun games included in this app. In one game, kids can create alphabet by moving colorful puzzle pieces into right place while in another, kids learn to recognize alphabets as they appear in words.

  • Fill the Cup :-

This is an interesting math game. This math games allow children to experience various math concepts through manipulation. It is an addition/subtraction game that uses different sized rods kept side by side so as to show how two numbers make up another one. The child selects the rod that makes up the missing piece and helps to learn the math in an interesting way.

  • Play 123 :-

This fun geometry app for kids won Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review in the year 2013. This is one of the best ipad app for kids learning. This app provide a simple and friendly guide through simple games about colors, numbers, and shapes.

  • Endless alphabet :-

It is a monster theme based app which is both silly and cute. Monster themed activities teach children various new words and also help them how to spell these words.

  • Read Me stories :-

If you are on the go and forgot to carry stories book with you so this app is a great option for you. Everyday , a new eBook is added to it. The words highlighted as the voice narrates the story so that kids can also learn to read along with the voice.

  • News-O-Matic :-

This is a kid-friendly current events app that brings down the daily news into simple articles that are appropriate for kids. The app has been rated five stars by Common Sense Media.

These are some of the best ipad apps for kid’s learning that help kids to do what they do best and inspire kids to think in new ways.
Hope above post on Learning App as Educational Games for Kids, going to be a support to parenthood from my side… 🙂


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