Rocking Music Apps for Iphone and Ipad’s

Music brings soul to life. For every occasion, there is always one special song for it. A song for your first love, a song when you broke up or a song to celebrate your victory. Its always special. Every time you listen a song it takes you straight towards your memory. That’s how much music is into you.

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The technologies available making music a part and parcel of ones life. It could be on your iphone or on your ipad or on a cd player. But it’s the power of music which transforms your mood and connect all of us . To make you more into music a large apple app store surely goings to help you.

Rocking Music Apps for Iphone and Ipad’s

Pandora, and Spotify are surely few apps which most of the music lovers use. But beside these apps there are some more interesting iphone apps for music lover which never comes into radar and they deserves to be onto your iphone.

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So here is the list of Best free iphone apps for music lover . So that they can discover and enjoy awesome music .

  • Local Concert :-

Love watching concerts?? But missed them because you don’t know when it going to happen in your local place. So here is a perfect solution for you i.e local concert. This is the app you are looking for. With the help of this app you can get all the details about the concert going to be held in your local area and so you can enjoy them.

  • Top 100 music :-

Are you found of old song?? This app will take you in sixties and seventies. This app is one of the best free iphone app for music lovers who miss old songs. This app provides you with top 100 songs on the chart among 20 countries. Even music videos are also available.

  • Shazam :-

Our list of best iphone apps for music lover would not be complete if we will not add Shazam to it. Shazam has huge database of songs from where you can search any song. It helps you to track any song within few seconds.

  • Audiogalaxy Mobile :-

Are you running out of your space?? No space for storing any more song?? No need to worry any more. Audiogalaxy Mobile app is the solution for you. It provides you cloud space for storing songs. You just need to sign in with the account and that’s all. It also helps you to access music from any devices.

  • Rdio :-

If you are a musicholic, then this apps is just made for you. This is a social networking app. Through this app you can follow your friends and even your favorite musicians also. You can find new music by using Rdio. This is surely one of the best free iphone app for music lover.

I hope that with this new music apps your music will go to the next level and you can access millions of songs.

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