How To Run IOS Apps and Play IOS Games on PC

How to Run iOS Apps and play iOS Games on PC

When we hear about smart phones and tablets , the first brand that pops up into our mind immediately is Apple. Isn’t it?? The big fish in the market has created a big competition for other companies. Due to this competition the companies are trying to provide us with their best in terms of inbuilt features, hardware and now apps also. Now you can see ample number of inbuilt useful apps and games.

Talking about apps, there are a plenty number of beautiful apps in IOS meant for iphone and ipad. The apps and games available in app store of apple are really amazing!! Some of those apps and games are available for android also but thing is that not all the games and apps are available. So have you ever wondered to use iphone apps and games on your personal computer or tablet?? And If you are of the view that it’s not possible then you are totally wrong. Here is some good news for you. Not just good but great news! Now it’s possible for us to use iphone apps and games on PC and tablets other than ipad.

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How to Run iOS Apps and play iOS Games on PC

Here we bring a magical tool for you to run the amazing iphone apps and games on your PC. This magical tool is named as “Ipadian”. Ipadian is basically a iphone Simulator. It is a free Adobe AIR-based iPad simulator which allows you to run more iPhone- and iPad apps. Its just like Bluestack which we use to run Android apps on our PC . Ipadian provides Ipad like interface to you PC.

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How to Run iOS Apps and play iOS Games on PC ?

I know you people are now eagerly waiting to know how to run ios apps and play ios games on PC. So here are some simple steps for the same.

1)      Download iPadian.

2)      Then extract it and run the executable file your computer, it will run in full screen mode. You will see an iOS device interface and you will see all useful apps like Safari browser, calculator, Mail, Music, Photos and even App Store.

3)      Now you can choose the app from the app store with the help of mouse and you can download the app available in app store.

4)      To run the app just go on the Ipadian home screen and double click on the icon.

This is how you can simply use iphone apps and games on pc.

Feature of iPadian:

  1. Small in Size ( only ~36 MB)
  2. Fast No need to install just click to play
  3. Requires Low Memory and CPU load
  4. Looks Attractive


Despite of so many features ipadian has some limitations.

1)      It does not support all iphone apps and games.

2)      It also faces interface issue. Using mouse and keyboard instead of touch screen makes you feels little clunky.

Hope You must be getting anxious to try this amazing thing. Go on and and you can enjoy many iphone apps and games easily on your PC. please share my articel (How to Run iOS Apps and play iOS Games on PC ) with your friends 🙂
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