Best Free Educational Iphone Apps

Bored of sitting and learning inside four walls of class room? Here what’s Apple has bought more for you people. What can be more interesting then studying through your phone..;) So now, Where ever we go we just need our phone and that’s all. Apple’s app store consists for us an ample number of Educational iphone apps. Educational iphone apps has revolutionized Education. Educational iphone apps makes learning a fun.

Best Free educational Iphone Apps


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So here we bring for you the best free educational iphone apps that makes your studies more interesting and better than ever possible. Hope you will love these educational iphone apps.

1)      History : Maps of the World :-

History is always bore to be learn. Here this educational Iphone app will helps you to learn history easily through maps. This app contain lots of different maps including that of ancient maps.

2)      iTunes U :-

The free iTunes U app for iPhone gives you access to courses from various universities and schools. Even the assignments are also given on it. It includes over 500,000 free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects from Algebra to Zoology.

3)      3 D Brain :-

This app provides a view of internal part of a brain. It also describes in detail about the different parts of brain. This app provide a good source of learning.

4)      Mad Libs :-

Part of speech – a trouble maker while writing English?? With Mad Libs, part of speech is now no more trouble maker. It’s a great tool for reviewing parts of speech while writing English.

5)      NASA App:-

This is an official app of NASA. If you want to be an astronomer or you always fantasize about yourself being in the space world then it’s just the right app for you. It contains space images, videos, missions etc. You can even tap on satellites and learn more about it.

6)      Project Noah :-

If you are a flora and fauna lover, this is the app you are looking for. This app helps you to find and document flora and fauna in your local area.

7)      Pocket Piano Song Universe Lite :-

This app is good for learning a new skill. You can easily learn how to play Piano with this amazing app.

8)      Quick graph :-

If you are a mathematics student, then there is good news for you. Here is a graphing calculator for you. Such devices are really expensive but here you can get it for free. It lets you graph multiple equations at the same time, change their color, trace along them, and more. It supports both 2D and 3D graphing in rectangular and polar forms.

9)      iTextSpeed Lite:-

Still not able to type with both the hands on your iPhone or your typing speed is still slow?? Now it’s time to brush up your skills and speed up your typing. This is an amazing game that aims to increase your typing speed by letting you type as many words as shown on the screen within a given time. The more you play, the more your speed will improve.

10)   Edmodo :-

Is sharing documents and information a problem for you?? It will be no more with Edomo. It’s an easy to use app and it helps to share documents and information.

These were 10 best Educational iphone apps which will greatly help you in your studies and learning. Now I hope learning won’t be so tough for you as it was earlier..;)

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